Greenleaf Juicing Cleanse Results


So the cleanse has ‘officially’ come and gone but for some reason we both seem to still be juicing! That light and surprisingly energizing feeling is too hard to pass up on when we both still have leftover juices. Like we mentioned before with Greenleaf Juicing Company you get 6 juices a day for the cleanse but below, see how we managed to make them last a little longer!


With this being my first time cleansing I was a little nervous. I knew I could handle it but was more worried about the mental part of not chewing on anything (similar to that feeling when you have a smoothie for breakfast and even though it is a sufficient breakfast you still feel like you actually need to ‘eat’ something). Also as we all know I am a total foodie and not eating can sort of mess with your social calendar… It’s America– a lot of things revolve around food!!  Well this is where the cleanse is a little rough, no morning coffee catch ups, no catered lunches at the office, no happy hours, no dinners out… you get the point. It’s too hard to be around food but this is where you have to remember it’s only 3 days!! Keep yourself busy in other ways, we did a few yoga sessions and a movie night in with friends. Let me tell you… it’s so much easier having both your roommates on it with you!

Tips for juicing: Although it’s my first time, these are the tips I have noted for the next!

  • Only drink a juice when hungry- Don’t schedule them… me? A scheduler? No way (I did keep a log of when I drank them though so email me if interested!)
  • Drink an entire glass of water between each juice- It leaves you constantly sipping on something and curbing your appetite
  • Green Tea is your friend- I have never been a tea person but after day one I started to get a bit of a caffeine headache so this def did the trick
  • Get lots of sleep- No 5am work outs for me..
  • Which leads to PM workouts- Wednesday was the only day I did a morning workout as well and it was also the only day I ever felt ‘hungry.’ Make sure your workouts aren’t high intensity because although you are getting plenty of calories, you aren’t getting enough for high impact workouts.
  • Yoga, Yoga, Yoga- We took classes each day which paired perfectly with the cleanse, I would not recommend clocking my normal amount of miles on a juice cleanse.
  • Optional: Save a juice per day. 5 juices seemed to be enough for me specifically but listen to what your body needs. I found myself craving something sweet at night so instead of my 6th juice I’d have ½ a frozen banana mixed with almond milk and cinnamon for a mini smoothie/’dessert.’

Due to the above, we both have leftover juices and since they are supposed to be consumed within 48 hours (or they lose nutrients) we are still cleansing! I already had lunch and dinner plans today pre cleanse, so I juiced for breakfast and will have another for an afternoon snack as the perfect way to ease my body back into my normal routine.

Overall I would HIGHLY recommend the Greenleaf Cleanse if you live around Portland! Since they are fresh juices you do have to go there once a day (either the morning before work, or in the evenings before 7pm) and pick them up. If you do this specific cleanse they adjust your juices to what you like. Some of my favorites I would suggest; Orange Giant: orange, beet, apple, carrot, and lime— Green Lemonade: lemon, spinach, kale, parsley, pear, pineapple, and cucumber— Sweet Carrotlime: lime, pear, orange, carrot and ginger— Wondrous Punch: spinach, kale, beet, orange, apple, pear, strawberry and carrot.

I am already planning when I want to do my next cleanse and this time I’m challenging myself to 5 days. I feel great, energized (I’m shocked), light and like I could keep this going. Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait for lunch, but take it from me, it’s not as hard as you think it’s going to be!


This is by no means my first cleanse, but I can definitely say it was the easiest! In the past, I’ve done all my own juicing which is tedious, time consuming and super expensive. Plus, it’s always easy through the day but it’s tough to motivate yourself to make juice for dinner after a long day at work. Doing a pre-prepared cleanse was a life saver, I honestly don’t think I’ll be going back to the DIY method.

Cleanses aren’t about losing weight, they are more about resetting the body by getting rid of old toxins. Many times, since toxins reside in our fat cells, weight loss or a decrease in bloating/water weight result. Here’s my “after” shot I took this morning…I can’t complain!

cleanse after pic

To add to Jamie’s tips, here are a few of mine:

  • Before the cleanse, try to stay away from animal products, processed food, sugar and alcohol for at least 3 days or so. We drank over the weekend and did fine on the cleanse, but not doing so will minimize detox symptoms and maximize your results.
  • First thing in the morning, have a huge glass of water with lemon and cayenne pepper. This hydrates you and kicks your metabolism and digestive system into gear, plus it curbs your hunger for a little while so you can have your first juice later. 
  • Drink when you are hungry, which for me was every 2.5-3 hours.
  • Veggie broth can also be substituted for any of the juices, which is how I managed to have 5 juices left over today. At dinner I usually want something savory, so I picked up some low sodium organic vegetable broth and heated it up in a mug.
  • Nut milk makes an excellent dessert. All I did was pour myself a glass of almond milk and add a few drops of vanilla stevia. It’s honestly to die for, might have to make that a regular thing!
  • Back off gently!! Don’t go right back to heavy, solid food. Keep it light with smoothies, soups and salads, at least for a day or so. Trust me, you’ll be miserable if you don’t.

I, too, would highly recommend you check out Greenleaf! They are by far the cheapest cleanse we found in Portland, the juices are delicious, and they make it so easy to stick with! I’ll definitely be doing this again 🙂

❤ Jamie & Sarah


Probably the healthiest dessert you’ll ever make…

Sometimes, you just need a treat.

I find myself craving a little something sweet every so often to bring closure to a delicious, balanced meal, but even vegan, gluten free options aren’t necessarily healthy. So you can imagine my excitement when I ran across this one-ingredient ice cream recipe that tastes even better than it sounds. Ready for it?

Banana Ice Cream. Made out of….bananas. Weird.

It’s seriously so easy its criminal, and there are plenty of fun things you can add to switch up the flavor so you don’t get bored eating it a few times a week.

Photo Credit: Skinny Taste


1. Peel and freeze a bunch of bananas. <– Peeling is important, if you freeze them prior to peeling you will end up having to cut off the peel

2. Place one frozen banana in a high powered blender, and blend until creamy!

3. You can add some almond milk to thin it out, or nut butter to make it thicker. Other delish add ons include:

  • Dark chocolate or raw cacao powder
  • Coconut
  • Vanilla extract
  • Honey
  • Dates or raisins
  • Nuts of your choice
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cinnamon

I love making this with nut butter, vanilla stevia and some kind of chocolate mixed in…ahhh its to die for!

Today is day 3 of the cleanse! I’m going to do an extra day cause I feel awesome. We’ll be posting our results and review tomorrow so stay tuned! Happy Wednesday lovebugs!

❤ Sarah

Super Bowl Recipes

Day 2 of the cleanse… not a bite of solid food, no gum, no caffeine and no DESSERT and I’m still alive! I have to say this isn’t nearly as hard as I thought, it may be because I’m only about half way through but I am feeling great. The only thing I will be doing differently today is adding in some green tea due to the minor caffeine headache I got by mid afternoon yesterday! More details to come Thursday though 🙂

Any who, Super Bowl is fast approaching and even though our beloved Seahawks (and Sarah’s Bears) didn’t quite make the cut there’s no better excuse for a Sunday Funday full of mimosa, sports and hilarious commercials! I am def one for a little competition so when I found out this year’s Super Bowl party was going to have an appetizer competition, this was my first thought…

Considering I don’t really have the time ((or probably the skill level)) to attempt this masterpiece here are a few realistic suggestions I am pondering:

These Skinny Buffalo Chicken Bites look amazing with a side of celery and ranch  {{Add little toothpicks with footballs (team logos, etc.) to get in the spirit!}}

This may not be very ‘Skinny Bliss’  but these Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Tater Tots look unreal.  Would have to think of a way to tie in something creative though if I’m thinking winner status.

Football shaped Zucchini Fritters… yes please!

These Football Nutter Butter Pops are a nice little spin on traditional cake pops.

Keeping w/ the sweets, these Football Cupcakes are super simple yet crafty.  Coconut (in green food coloring) as grass, caramel candies as footballs and pretzels for the field goal!

Chocolate covered Football Strawberries or Football Deviled Eggs seen here!

Very crafty… Super Bowl Push Up Cake Pops

Now for team inspired cocktails..

San Fransisco 49ers–> The Goldmine: 1/2 ounce Scotch whisky, 1/2 ounce Galliano liqueur, 1/2 ounce sweet sherry, 1 tsp egg white, 1 ounce fresh lime juice (all shaken and strained) then topped with 1 ounce lemonade and an orange slice and cherry for garnish.

–Not sure how I feel about egg whites in my cocktail so since San Francisco’s football team was named for the miners who went after the gold rush, why not just go with straight Goldschläger?–

Baltimore Ravens–> The Raven: 1 ounce vodka, 1 ounce rum, 1 ounce blue curacao, 1/2 ounce chambord

So I’m pretty sure blogging about game day snacks while sipping on my strawberry, kiwi, orange, beet, kale and celery juice is just straight self-inflicted torture… About half way through though!! 🙂

❤ Jamie

Motivation Monday: Getting Clean!

We had friends in town so it was another crazy weekend….which makes the cleanse we started this morning super timely.

As we mentioned last week, we are starting Greenleaf Juicing Company‘s 3 day juice cleanse today to detox from the craziness of the last few months and in Jamie’s case, get ready for Cabo!

So whether you are planning a juice cleanse of your own or not, we challenge you to make this week about resetting and realigning with your health goals. Order a salad when you eat out, replace animal products and processed foods with fresh fruit, veggies, healthy fats and whole grains, take a break from sugar and  alcohol (we know, we know, it’s tough haha)….your body will thank you and you’ll be so much more motivated to keep it going!

We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

❤ Sarah&Jamie

The Kaeng Raeng Cleanse

cheers to the weekend

When it comes to cleansing, there are so many options. You can cleanse through simply eating a clean diet, eating only raw fruits and veggies, juicing, making green smoothies, or ordering a cleanse program online. I generally prefer juice or smoothies, but we’d been hearing a lot about the Kaeng Raeng cleanse program through other bloggers and thought we’d check it out.

The Kaeng Raeng cleanse is a vegan, gluten free program that ranges from 3-6 days and beginner to master. It consists of 3 packets a day of a mixture of freeze-dried fruit, fiber and non-GMO soy protein that you take in addition to eating raw fruits and vegetables. They were generous enough to send us some sample packets, so we wanted to share our thoughts with you!


I think it’s safe to say I’d at least rank as “intermediate” on the cleanse experience scale. I’ve dried all of the aforementioned cleansing techniques and I try to do a week long detox at least twice a year. I was impressed that Kaeng Raeng’s formula included protein and fiber, because I often lose energy when drinking juice alone and the lack of fiber can keep you from eliminating toxins. However, for someone like me who is sensitive to too much sugar, I didn’t like that the packets only contained freeze-dried fruit instead of providing a balance of fruits and veggies.

The cleanse allows you to mix the packets with water or non-dairy milk, but I decided to put my own spin on it to make it work for me. I blended the JuuJuu flavor (which combines blueberries, bananas and blackberries) with almond milk and added some romaine lettuce, spirulina and vanilla stevia in order to get my morning dose of greens. The flavor of the packet itself was pretty bland, probably because I mixed it instead of taking it straight, but I did put a little aside to try alone and I LOVED it. So tasty. It’s also worth noting that the psyllium husks they add for fiber turn kind of gelatinous, so when blended it produces a thicker jelly-like texture which I don’t mind but could be a turn off for some people.

Overall I’m not sure I’d order the packets as a cleanse. If they sold them in stores in bulk, I’d definitely get some to make breakfast or post-workout smoothies, but as cleanses go, I’ve gotta have my greens.


Although Sarah is the cleanse master, I have never tried one. Monday, when we start the Greanleaf Juice Cleanse, will be my first time.  Since I’m a little nervous (because I can’t fathom not putting ‘food’ in my mouth for three days), I suggested we sample The Kaeng Raeng cleanse packet to give me some pre-game motivation (Thanks again ladies for the samples!!).  The packet I had was called Glai Roong “Daybreak” and it consisted of mango, peach and pineapple… 3 things I absolutely love!  I ended up substituting mine for breakfast (post-workout) while running out the door for work. Since our cleanse next week consists of fresh juices I wanted to sample the true flavor of a cleanse that came in a dried form, so I only mixed it with water like instructed.  They suggest 24-32 oz of water so I decided to go with 32 oz, thinking I’d like it better if the flavor wasn’t too intense. It almost tasted like flavored water (my fault for adding the higher amount suggested) but depending on what you’re going for it’s not always a bad thing!  Considering I was having it for breakfast it didn’t quite do the trick though.  Like Sarah said it includes a decent amount of protein and fiber so it does hold you over but after the calories I had torched that morning the ‘Beginner’ packet (consisting of 204 calories) wasn’t enough to hold me over till lunch.

Overall my suggestions would be:

  1. Mix with the lower amount of suggested water (24oz)
  2. Shake do not stir–> I didn’t have a capped water bottle with me big enough so I mixed the packet in a pitcher and stirred… It was extremely hard to dissolve.  For someone who didn’t like pulp until they were 22 (and grew a liking from fresh grapefruit juice in her mimosa) having chunks in your flavored water didn’t go over so well.
  3. Use packet as pre or post workout snack instead, having only 3 packets a day would not sustain me fully.

The Kaeng Raeng cleanse has gotten great praise from Lauren Conrad, ‘JWOWW’, Kim Barnouin of Skinny Bitch and many more. I’m not a cleanse master, so I’m not telling you to take my word for it but it’s not ‘the cleanse’ for me. As much of a hassle as it’s going to be I think I’d prefer to go out of my way for the fresh juices… But next week I’ll fill you in on that one!

Have an amazing weekend!

❤ Jamie & Sarah

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Let’s Talk Lipstick

I’ve always been a huge lip gloss fan. If I could only wear 2 make up items daily it would be at the top of my list right with mascara. It’s one of those things I grew up on; my mom constantly had these perfectly glossed lips. Within the last few years I started experimenting a lot with lipstick. Unlike gloss it’s very bold and you can’t always throw it on without looking in a mirror. But lately I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, a swipe of lipstick can change your entire look in a matter of seconds. Check out these guides from other savvy bloggers to help you pick the perfect shade for you.

Via: Cupcakes & Cashmere

Lastly look at this beauty bloggers guide to cheaper Mac shades.

My current craves:

Nude= Mac Blankety

Pink= Mac Snob –> (Revlon Super Lustrous in Sky Pink is very similar for half the price)

Both of these colors are pretty matte so you can always add a swipe of gloss to jazz things up.

If you have other suggestions I would love to hear! Considering I can’t leave Nordstrom without experimenting with a new shade, I almost got persuaded into a deep plum/maroon last weekend. It was a little out of my comfort zone…one step at a time right? Think I may just go back and snag it 🙂

❤ Jamie

Veggie Detox Soup

Ready for another yummy cleansing recipe? Good, cause you’re getting one.

The ease and simplicity of this recipe kinda fits with my theme for today. I just got back from volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank, where a group of us packaged food to be distributed to hungry families around the county. We learned that not only does the food bank feed the hungry, they also work to address the root causes of hunger and teach families how to create healthy recipes with simple ingredients. The work they are doing is so cool and very necessary due to the recession. I’m proud to say that my work alone will provide 238 meals…pretty amazing right?

food bank


This recipe is sooo easy to prepare and uses simple, low cost ingredients so you can make a giant batch of it for cheap and freeze it for later! It’s an awesome choice if you are looking to feed a family on a budget. And it’s honestly so good. I promise!

detox soup



2 c. water or veggie broth

1 tbsp. miso (optional if you use veggie broth as your base)

1 tsp. dried thyme

1 tsp. dried oregano

1 Roma tomato, diced

3 leaves kale, stalks removed and chopped

1 small zucchini, diced

2 tsp. minced garlic

Small handful shiitake mushrooms

1/3 of a large leek, chopped

1 tsp. coconut oil

Heat coconut oil over medium high heat and add chopped leeks and minced garlic. Saute until leeks are translucent. In the meantime, heat water or veggie broth and miso on high in a stock pot. Add the rest of the ingredients and reduce heat to medium. Cook until kale is just barely wilted and remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper. This recipe serves 1 if eaten as a meal, and 2 if eaten as a side dish.

Save yourself time and money and make this awesome soup! And with all that time you saved…I highly recommend you volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank, it’s an awesome cause and clearly just a few hours go such a long way! Hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday!

❤ Sarah

Cilantro-Lime Yam Salad

I’m one of the lucky few that had a three day weekend last weekend, so I’m looking forward to the short week!

We may have mentioned before, but we are testing out a juice cleanse next week to ditch the toxins we took in over the holidays and prepare for spring break season 🙂 If you know anything about cleansing, you know you can’t go into it guns blazing, you’ve got to spend the week before preparing by cutting out sugar, alcohol, animal products and processed food. If you don’t, cleansing can be downright miserable. So this week, I’m focusing on eating a plant-rich diet chock full of self-prepared whole foods.

The following recipe is one of my absolute favorites. It’s simple, healthy and absolutely delish. I plan on eating this multiple times this week, because I honestly never get sick of it. You can prepare the sweet potato alone or serve over a bed of greens to make a salad. I generally prefer the latter option.


yam salad


1 sweet potato or yam

1/4 c. salsa

1 tsp. minced garlic

1-2 tbsp. lime juice

1 green onion, chopped

Fresh cilantro for garnish

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil or organic butter (optional)

To make it a salad, add a few handfuls of spinach

Cut the sweet potato in half and place in a glass dish with enough water to cover the bottom of the dish. Microwave for 6-8 minutes or until sweet potato is soft all the way through. Let potato cool then place in a bowl and mash with a fork, adding the salsa, garlic, seasonings and oil if using. Toss the mixture with the spinach if you want to make it a larger salad. Garnish with cilantro and green onion.

Whether today is your Monday or your Tuesday, I hope it’s fabulous! The countdown to the weekend is on once again!

❤ Sarah

Things to give a Whirl this Weekend

{{Our View}}


I am a girl who loves her lists… shocking coming from a planner right? Yeah probably not so much. Well occasionally (maybe a little more frequent than that) I make a weekend list of things I either want to do or get accomplished. Here are 3 things I’d recommend to give a whirl this weekend:

Recipe to try: I made this simple Avocado Spinach Egg Salad for a girlfriend I had over last night.  We wanted something quick and healthy post workout and we were very impressed.  Granted we did play up my spice cabinet a bit by adding some red pepper flakes, thyme, garlic, cummin and just about anything to give it that extra kick.  It’s better with a bit of spice so don’t be afraid to jazz it up.

DIY: This tutorial is most definitely on my bucket list for the weekend.  You know those old shirts you’ll probably never wear again? Turn them into a vintage masterpiece by following these 3 steps!  My guess is it’s a little cheaper than those “vintage inspired” ones we buy at Urban Outfitters.

Beauty Remedies: Get beachy waves year round with this simple Sea Salt Spray. Considering a gf and I are booking cabo today –> I will def be mastering this combo.


I, on the other hand, am generally not a planner by nature…I’ll do it, but it usually stresses me out. Regardless, here are a few things I want to do this weekend, and encourage you to follow suit!

Try Something New: I’ve been all about this lately. Currently, I’m teaching myself to play the harmonica, learning both Country and West Coast Swing, and I’m about to start learning Spanish! Life can get so boring if you follow the same routine all the time. I forgot how good it feels to learn! Make this the weekend you start that project you’ve been putting off. Livemocha has free language courses if you are trying to learn a new lingo, you can learn to line dance at Duke’s Bar and Grill in Portland every night at 8 p.m., or try out salsa lessons at Aztec Willie’s on Saturdays at 9:30.

Sip on this: I’m cleansing at the moment, which means lots and lots of green smoothies! While I love the green guys, every once in awhile I need something a little more decadent. This Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie looks naughty, but is actually a great post-workout snack!

Relax: Every time my aunt and sister are in town, my mom and I take them out for a girl’s spa day. They are coming this weekend, so pedicures and massages are on the agenda for tomorrow morning! Even if you can’t afford spa services, pamper yourself this weekend with a mani pedi, a bubble bath or a DIY facial. You’ll go back to work on Monday so refreshed!

Looking forward to a great weekend that should include a little extra time to get a few things done! Have a good weekend:)

❤ Jamie & Sarah