Hottie Hot Seat: Julie Ballou, Fisticuffs Boxing


We’ve all heard celebrities like Carrie Underwood ranting and raving about their kickboxing workouts, classes or instructors. A lot of Hollywood’s fit ladies credit their toned arms and legs to the strength training workout. Not only does it tighten and tone [as well as learning a little self-defense confidence], it’s an effective cardio workout as well. We used to aim to take a private lesson with our instructor Julie once a week with a few girlfriends. This last Monday after going back for the first time in too long we decided this is definitely [once again!] going to be a common occurrence in our fitness routines. I mean the proof is in the pudding and the fact that it’s 2 days later and our arms are still struggling means something!

Benefit’s to Boxing:

  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Increases flexibility and promotes better posture
  • Increase power and speed
  • Improve overall health and fitness– lose weight
  • Full body workout: Works core muscles while maintaining balance and strength, legs through kicks and various stances, arms through punching and jabbing, back/shoulder & glutes through dogging and feet movement.
  • Boxing is fun, mixes up your workout routine (which aids in overall results), is competitive, and can be done with your gfs and guy friends [at your own risk of course]
  • Lastly… I mean have you seen Carrie Underwood’s legs??

Our fearless and fabulous instructor, Julie Ballou, gives us a run for our money. She’s tough! We asked her to give us her secrets, and she obliged 🙂

1. Tell us about yourself what you do. How did you get into boxing?

I’m a police officer and being able to protect myself in my job and have the confidence to fight and win is very important. I had never been in a fight until the police academy and quickly realized I would get my ass kicked on the streets. I asked for training from another officer at our department who owns Fisticuffs Gym and just fell in love with the training.

2. In your opinion, what makes boxing a good fitness choice for women?

Women aren’t known for their upper body strength and boxing really helps with that. I also, like many other women, hate cardio equipment. Boxing allows you to focus on something other than thinking about how much cardio can suck! Lastly, it’s a great confidence booster. Even if you never have to use it, having the skills of a fighter is uplifting.

3. What are your favorite moves for all-over toning?

It may not seem like it, but boxing is a full body workout if you do it right. You’re moving your feet and throwing punches, not to mention twisting and engaging your torso when you “bob & weave.” Next to sparring, which isn’t something most women are interested in, having someone hold focus mitts for you force you to move like a boxer without getting punched!

4. Let’s talk diet. Any tips you have that can help boost strength and endurance for boxing? What are your/your fighters’ secrets?

Strength comes from having a balance of protein, carbs, and fruits/veggies. For someone not training for a competition, it’s just really important to not over do it on the carbs. However, you’ll see a larger reduction in body fat if you can cut those out and eat the non processed carbs like yams and rice.

The amateur and professional fighters at Fisticuffs stick to clean balanced diets but they focus a lot on portions. They will measure everything they eat which might be overboard for the average person but a fighter’s weight is very important so they take it to the extreme. They find unique ways to make healthy foods taste good without the calories. Because it’s important for them to eat in a timely manner, they often cook a weeks worth of food to ensure they have a healthy meal waiting for them when their done with their intense workouts.

5. What is your favorite thing about being in the fitness industry?

One thing I love about the fitness industry is that it brings together so many different types of people who all have at least one thing in common. We have all different types come into the gym who want to learn to box or do jiu jitsu even if they never fight. There are 8-year-olds, middle aged business men, high school athletes, and stay at home moms. They all come with a different physical ability but have the similar goals.

6. Any other tips you’d like to share?

My one tip is regardless of what fitness activity you do is make it a routine and don’t give up. It’s easy for new people to quit boxing, the first week or two is the hardest. Much like many new activities but when you can power through that hard beginning, you can really start to see results.

7. One more, for fun…We know you are getting married in January {In Hawaii…lucky!} What does your wedding prep routine look like?

Yikes, wedding prep. I started to write down everything I eat. I don’t show anyone but it helps hold me accountable when I can look back and see what I’ve been eating. In addition to increasing my own boxing workouts, I’m going to start going to a new boot camp at our gym. It’s nice to be part of a class, I push myself harder when someone is watching. I definitely won’t be sparring. Who wants wedding photos with a black eye or their nose sideways on their face?

Action Shots:

For more information on the gym and the classes they offer, visit their website or their Facebook page.

❤ Jamie & Sarah


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