Sweet Hereafter

Buffalo Sub

Buffalo Sub

I’m not a vegan, so you won’t typically find me at Portland’s many vegan hot spots. But a vegan restaurant is def nothing to be scared of, in fact I’m starting to grow pretty fond of a few. So when the parents ditch for a little date on family dinner Sunday and your soon to be sister-in-law is vegan (and has convinced your brother to try the vegan thing for a month as well) where do you end up?

In our case, Sweet Hereafter >>Not being able to track down a website with a menu, I was a little nervous… but I’ll try anything (ok, most things) at least once! Their Yelp page had a picture of the very limited menu but as soon as I saw the Buffalo Sub I was set. With myself, both brothers, Ilan (brother Jordan’s fiancé) and one of my best friends Peder in attendance that Sunday we surprisingly all 5 settled on the same order. The dish consisted of buffalo-marinated soy curls (replacing the chicken), miso-chive “cheese” and a vegan ranch dressing, and I am shocked to say not 1 of the 5  of us could tell it was vegan. It is one of those restaurant’s where one menu item can keep you coming back for more!

Instead of the chips and salsa it came with, I opted to substitute the kale slaw and it paired perfectly. We also ordered a few hummus/olive/oil/bread/cracker plates to share which were pretty standard but a great starter. Another highly recommended item was the Jamaican Bowl and I must say I’m not typically a cherry person but the cherry cider is def worth a try!

I must say it may take me a few times back before I branch out past the Buffalo Sub though!

Sweet Hereafter 
3326 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97214
Hours: Mon-Thu 4pm-2am. Fri 2pm-2am, Sat-Sun 12pm-2am
Loved the large outdoor covered patio!

❤ Jamie


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