Motivation Monday

One of the many reasons I hit the gym (and/or pavement) each morning before work…


Running before work has actually become my morning ‘caffeine’ just in better form! Those mornings when I feel oh so inclined to hit the snooze button, I always remember how much more energy I’ll have if I just get up and do it.  This morning was one of those mornings that I just reminded myself suffering through those first 2 mins to actually wake up instead of hitting the snooze will result with that extra energy boost to send me soaring into a productive Monday.

For those of you that “don’t have time” in the morning to work out… Plan accordingly and get up earlier! Orrr try out this 10 minute video to give your metabolism a kick start!

Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10- Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

Who’s everyone rooting for tonight?! Michigan or Louisville?

❤ Jamie


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