Celeb Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s Healthy Supermarket Guide

I’ve followed Kimberly Snyder’s work for a while now – she’s truly an inspiration to me when it comes to nutrition and healthy living. She advocates a plant-based diet supplemented with daily green smoothies, and her philosophy totally matches mine. I recently purchased her brand new book, “Beauty Detox Foods,” which just shipped and I’m sooo excited to dive into it!

I’m a big advocate that healthy shopping = healthy eating, so I find Kim’s supermarket guide suuuper helpful. Thought I’d share it will you as well!

Shop smart my friends!

❤ Sarah


Fit like a VS Angel

Let the countdown begin…

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Last night the Superbowl of modeling took place in New York City, that’s right, the filming of the Victoria Secret fashion show that airs December 4th on CBS! In college my girlfriends and I would have viewing parties, one of those ones that comes fully equipped with only healthy snacks like wine and veggies right? …. Right! Well along with watching it on repeat for months (and no lie last years is still on my DVR) we would parade around giving our best impressions… high heels and all 🙂 I mean I think dream job is an understatement – You’re drop dead gorgeous, bangin’ bod, not annoyingly famous and chances are you’ve probably dated Adam Levine. Not a bad gig if you ask me!  We all hate to hear them say “it’s just my metabolism,” and let’s be real…it’s not just that. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication.

Here’s some of the tricks the Angels have up their sleeves to prepare for the big event:

  • Adriana Lima has been pulling 2-a-days for the last 3 weeks, drink a gallon of water a day, takes lots of vitamins and supplements to keep energy up, and for 9 days before the show she only drinks protein shakes which include powdered eggs.
  • Doutzen Kroes says she sticks to “clean” foods like fish, veggies, salads and lost of protein- no carbs or sugar!
  • Gisele Bundchen who’s no longer an Angel but is still the world’s highest paid model sticks to a diet of no alcohol or sugar and only having meat every 15 days.
  • Another retired Angel and probably one of the most famous, Heidi Klum, avoids processed food while including fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal. She says the key to a healthy diet is “eating as few foods that come from a bag or box as possible.”
  • Candace Swanepoel (Adam Levine’s first Angel girlfriend) increases her boxing and yoga pre-show and swears by lots of water, portion control, veggies and steak to build muscle.
  • Miranda Kerr is a fan of eating specifically for her blood type (my dad is actually turned me onto this).  Use this cheat sheet to eat the foods that tailor to your specific blood type. Miranda is type A so she eats low GI, high alkaline foods and mostly fresh produce with very little meat.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio swears chasing after he kids is a big help… you’d never be able to tell but quite a few of these Angels have kids!
  • Erin Heatherton follows Cindy Crawford’s advice of going gluten-free.
  • Behati Prinsloo (Adam Levine’s current Angel gf) is a frequent swimmer and pilates attendee<– She is also a fan of paddleboarding which I can tell you is an amazing core workout!

A lot of common tips were: running, boxing, spinning, yoga, pilates, and weight training. While everyone’s eating habits may have slightly differed, they all clearly agreed on WATER, WATER, WATER!

So you know the saying hard work pays off and you get what you work for? Well check out the Angels measurements here… I’d say the hard work pays off!

Here’s a few photos of last night to hold you off till Dec 4th:

Photo Credits: Huffington Post

And of course a close-up of the 2.5 million dollar bra worn by my favorite, Alessandra Ambrosio:

Let me be your fantasy...bra: Alessandra Ambrosio wore the coveted million dollar bra in the Victoria's Secret catwalk show in New York on Wednesday

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

So is it worth it? I still say balance is key but there is no denying these girls look good!

❤ Jamie

Motivation Monday: Avoiding a sedentary workplace lifestyle

This is a topic that I’ve got a particular passion for, especially now that I’m a slave to Corporate America. To be honest, I never saw myself sitting at a cubicle for work, but life takes you where it takes you and here I am! My biggest beef with working in a traditional office setting is the pure lack of movement throughout the day. We find the closest parking spot, take the elevator up, eat at our desks and sit on our butts for 8+ hours. I’m sorry, I just don’t vibe with that.

When I started this job, I wasn’t willing to succumb to the sedentary lifestyle that most corporate jobs promote. Sitting is literally killing us, and according to research, even moderate physical exercise doesn’t make up for all the sitting Americans do. As if I want to be part of that statistic. I value my health too much to let a job ruin it.

So here’s your little beam of motivation on this sunny Monday: a few tips to keep you from falling into this trap so that you can stay happy, healthy and hot no matter what you do for a living.

  • Take the stairs. Ok people, seriously. I know every health magazine ever is like “take the stairs, blah blah blah” but for real, it’s absolutely necessary. I’d like to add that just because you took the stairs does not mean you worked out. It should supplement a fitness routine, not replace it. Sure, it’s better than nothing, but you are better than that. I walk five flights of stairs to get to my desk every morning (after my AM sweat sesh), and it’s just enough to get my blood pumping so I’m energized for the workday ahead.
  • Stand at your desk. Like I mentioned, sitting is killing us (see below). So, simply put, I don’t do it. Unless I’m in a meeting, I’m standing all day long. At my job, our desks are adjustable, so I stand on a padded mat and work on my computer from an upright position. If your job doesn’t offer adjustable desks (ask someone in operations, they often accommodate those type of requests – fake an injury if you have to :)), you can buy a stand that lifts and lowers, like these from Ergodesktop.

Image Credit: Daily Infographic

  • Sit on a Stability Ball. If you really can’t get an adjustable desk, or need to sit down to work, replace your work place chair with a stability ball. It will burn more calories, tighten your core and improve your posture, wayyy better than a desk chair!
  • Take a walk. I honestly leave my desk multiple times an hour, whether to socialize, go to the bathroom, get water, etc. but I also take time for afternoon walks, even just down the street to Starbucks. It’s a great way to get moving and get out of the office; I usually invite a friend or two and we talk about anything other than work. It clears your head and gets your blood pumping, allowing you to return refreshed and ready to tackle your workload.

These are just a few things I do daily to keep from becoming sedentary, and they help a ton. People at work totally know me as the girl who never sits at her desk – a label I’m quite proud of. My thing is, we work to live, so why not take action to make it a life worth living?


Go move your butt 🙂 and make it a fabulous day!

❤ Sarah

Motivation Monday

Good morning beautiful readers!

I’ve had a truly amazing last week; between all out craziness in Vegas and quality girl time in Vancouver BC, I’ve got a ridiculously positive outlook on life. Now, I’m back to the grind and ready for my eating/working out/sleeping schedule to normalize. If you’re in the same boat, here’s a little motivation for today:

Photo Credit: Fit Sugar

The idea of little steps has always been big for me. I get easily overwhelmed with a diet and exercise overhaul and I’m the first to give up when things don’t work as quickly as I’d like them to. Over the years, I’ve learned that making small changes as you are ready, rather than big hard-to-sustain changes, lead to lasting success.

Getting in shape this way truly changes you. You start craving healthy foods and getting cranky if you don’t work out. I was the perfect example of this last weekend – I didn’t prioritize nutrition or exercise my first day in Vancouver BC and by Saturday afternoon, I was honestly chomping at the bit for a run {and I hardly EVER run…}. After a gorgeous sunset run on the waterfront, I was back to my cheerful self and ready to face the evening, and ended up having the energy to stay out till the bars closed {staying sober helped too}. It felt amazing.

Vancouver BC: If this isn’t motivation to get your butt out the door, I don’t know what is!

I hope you all are as motivated as I am to kick this week off right! Eat a salad, do some yoga, and maybe even tag along on your roomates morning run 😉 let’s make it a great week!

❤ Sarah