Adventures in Arizona

As I mentioned, I spent last weekend in Arizona. My mom bought my dad White Sox Spring Training tickets for Christmas, so we planned a weekend to watch some baseball and visit family. It honestly couldn’t have come at a more perfect time; this time of year is rough for me with all the gloomy weather. Spending a few days in the desert sun was just what the doctor ordered!

Saturday, we spent the majority of the day out in Glendale, where the White Sox’s training facility is located. It was an awesome experience overall, we had seats that made us feel like we were sitting on the field, got lots of player autographs and plenty of sun! A word of warning – the ballpark is definitely not a good place for people who like to eat healthy, so bring a snack or eat before you go. I was starving by the time we left, but luckily found an awesome sandwich place called Which Wich that will make any of their subs in a lettuce wrap!


My sister and I at the game


Later we went to dinner with the whole fam, which was awesome since I haven’t seen a lot of them in a pretty long time. It’a always nice to get everyone together!


Ally and I before dinner


The Vitort crew (minus a few)!

On Sunday we decided to go for a hike (betcha can’t guess who’s idea that was….haha). We headed out to Lost Dutchman State Park to hike the Siphon Trail. We didn’t make it all the way to the top (holy steep!) but made it to a decent vantage point and got a pretty spectacular view of the desert! Definitely a far cry from the wet, muddy, forested hike we took the weekend prior.


View from the bottom


My cousins and I at our turnaround point


We hiked a good 4 miles, I definitely felt the burn. Thankfully it was cloudy cause I’m not sure I could have done it in the 80 degree sunshine.

The trip was definitely the relaxing, recharging vacation I needed to put me back on track. My diet and fitness has really taken a back burner to my social life lately, but I finally feel ready to get back into a routine! I swear, if I lived in the sun all the time I’d be in great shape; the sun motivates me to get my butt moving and all I crave in hot weather is fresh fruits and veggies! So I’m trying to bring that feeling back with me as spring is fast approaching. I’m researching Crossfit gyms in the area, so if anyone has any recos let me know!

❤ Sarah 



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