Hiking the Great Northwest

One of the many pluses to living and growing up in the Northwest is well… the great outdoors! People that don’t know Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, etc. tend to think only rain rain rain, I mean how else do we keep it so green up in our little corner of the States? But beyond all the rain we are actually very lucky; we get all 4 seasons {even if the summer one is a little short}, we have the coast to the West, the mountains to our East and endless amounts of hikes in any direction.

One of the most well-known hikes in the area is Multnomah Falls and even the sliiiightly intimidating weekend weather forecast didn’t scare us away.  That’s the beauty of being from the area… we are no strangers to bad weather… or hiking in it.  With some friends from college in town we decided to give it a go on Saturday morning regardless of the rain.  Little cardio, little off-roading, big adventure!

sar and I

At the bottom

the falls

Multnomah Falls!


Throwing rocks at the boys….duh.


We crossed a lot of streams…


…and did a lot of off-roading


Sarah in the middle of the stream


Hiking Chic!


More falls


At the top of the falls, checking out the view


The boys decided to take their shoes off and go in…


And they did some hardcore off-roading


View from the top!

team 1

The team (minus one, who was taking the photo)

Happy Tuesday! Official Cabo Countdown= 4 days!!

❤ Jamie


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