Brix Tavern Brunch

I have yet to write about Brix on this blog and I am shocked as it is quickly becoming one of the spots I frequent. I tend to find spots I like and stick with them… don’t get me wrong I love to find new hidden gems, but when you know of a place with good food paired with an upbeat environment you’ve gotta keep going back for more! I’m not sure what it is about Brix… maybe the robust happy hour menu, killer cocktails, bottomless mimosas for $9 (–>Are you kidding!?<–), the complimentary warm donut served as soon as you’re seated for brunch, or the fact I always find the Blazers on the TV. Whichever it is I constantly find myself running back.

What drew me here in the first place was the happy hour recommendation (post to come:)) but over the past few weeks what’s been bring me back is the brunch. $9 bottomless mimosas and I’m sold either way but I actually quite fancy the food as well.

Complimentary warm donut served right after you place your order…


The order I seem to be stuck on…



Looks super basic but inside is filled with dungeness crab, shrimp, gruyere and swiss.

Another great selection: one of the many benedicts w/ hollandaise sauce on the side.

APPLE WOOD SMOKED SALMON BENEDICT (hollandaise sauce on the side)


I do love my seafood but I’ve had better benedicts. Last weekend a girlfriend got the SOUTHERN BENEDICT {poached eggs on corn cakes . green mole pork . chipotle hollandaise . roasted salsa} and it was more my taste!

Recommendation: If you are with just a friend or two, sit at the bar. The very attentive bartenders will make sure that mimosa is never empty!

Brix Tavern

  • Location: 13th and Hoyt NW Portland
  • Phone: (503) 943-5995
  • Tip: Happy Hour= Unreal {Multiple food selections and 1/2 off  decadent cocktails} Also don’t miss out on the bottomless mimosas… clearly!

Have a great weekend!

❤ Jamie


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