Travel Fit Tips

With Cabo just around the corner (10 days to be exact!) it’s crunch time! I will be bringing workout clothes on vacation… unfortunately it is not feasible to take 10 days off from working out and still feel up to par in a swimsuit.. bummer right? These next two weeks will be filled with lots of greens, protein and smoothies paired with an extra few miles logged and intense circuit training. To look your best in a swim suit you have to feel your best and if you feel pudgy you reflect that in your confidence and the way you hold yourself. I have a trip to San Diego booked the weekend after I return so I’m not taking Cabo as a free pass. With a fitness center at the hotel, a sandy beach for running and a hotel suite large enough for some floor exercises, I will be taking some time to tone it up before I hit the sand!

Some of my go-to crunch time tips:

  • Veggies- Protein-Veggies
  • Plan my meals ahead of time so no mindless munchies
  • Cool it on the cocktails–> I’ll be having plenty of these empty calories on the trip
  • Rev up the workouts– NO days off 🙂
  • 200 crunches and a 60 sec plank right when I wake up and right before I go to bed!

Some of my tips on how to stay fit while traveling:

  • Cabo has a Costco! I will be picking up some goods to stock our mini fridge with water, fresh fruits and veggies, spinach and all the fixings for salad, nuts, eggs, salsa and it is Cabo so maybe… just maybe some tortilla chips and fixings for guacamole. Ohhh and some fresh grapefruit–> For the mimosas of course!
  • Pack healthy snacks for the plane; banana, apple, pear, berries, nuts, protein bar, etc.
  • Flying dehydrates you due to the lack of humidity in the cabin air so make sure you are drinking lots of water!
  • Avoid sugary drinks, or if you do indulge, space them out with lots of water to avoid a bad hangover.
  • I will also be packing individual baggies with 1/2 cup instant oats, mixed with cinnamon and protein powder for a quick and easy breakfast: just add water and microwave!
  • Squeeze in that time to work out like I mentioned.  Even if you only have time for a 60 sec plank before running out, make time for it. OR pack a workout– jump rope, resistance band and some sneakers to be able to hit the hotel gym.

Just remember everything in moderation, relax and enjoy yourself it is vacation after all! You don’t have to stick to your daily routine but make sure you are making the healthy swaps when possible!

❤ Jamie


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