Flu Remedies

Unfortunately it’s cold and flu season and yesterday I was one of the lucky ones that caught the bug. After having head cold for a few days it turned into the lovely flu… fun stuff let me tell you! Besides having family and good friends coming by with their health remedies (and more importantly good company) here are some other suggestions (in addition to Sarah’s natural remedies) that should help you get back to normal in no time.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul – Probably the one you hear most commonly but it’s easy on the stomach! When I’m sick it’s always the perfect excuse to pair it with a grilled cheese (which is exactly what a good friend of mine hooked me up with yesterday!) It has also been proven that chicken soup inhibits the production of inflammatory compounds that are released in a viral infection.
  • 7up- another go-to.  I drank it all throughout the day yesterday.  The bubbles really help my tummy.
  • Steamy Shower- Steam acts as a natural decongestant which was much needed yesterday.
  • Honey- Drizzled a little of this in my tea before going to bed to soothe the throat.
  • Prop the pillow- I typically like to sleep pretty flat so I’m a one-pillow-max type but when you have a cold it’s good to use an extra.  Propping your head a bit can help clear sinus passages and keep things moving in the right direction.
  • Hydrate!!
  • Vitamins- Either in pill form or the foods you eat/drink.  Have a glass of OJ or take that vitamin C pill!
  • Buckle down and REST UP with good movies, great/brave company, that stack of magazines you’re behind on or a new book. Also added trick of mine… a scented candle- not sure the reasoning but to me in helps on the whole relaxation front!

Sorry for the short post but trying to follow my own instructions and rest up 🙂

❤ Jamie

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