Veggie “Pasta”

I realize this title may be a little confusing considering there are actually no carbs/noodles in the recipe but bear with me!

I am a huge fan of this little medley because it gives you your fill of veggies but also curbs the pasta cravings… for me at least! Has anyone ever heard of Lauren Conrad’s slim tip: The Spinach Swap? When trying to cut back on carbs she recommends swapping pasta for spinach. The idea is to keep everything in the recipe the same except just make the “spinach swap.” This is something I’ve been doing for a while, not exactly the same, but substituting sautéed veggies instead of noodles. With only spinach I feel they can get lost in the sauce so I either ribbon zucchini which I did here or make this pretty similar little concoction.

Not one of the most photogenic meals but I can guarantee it does the trick!

Veggie “Pasta”

Not one of the most photogenic meals but I can guarantee it does the trick!

I sauté red onions, a jalapeno and spinach in a dash of olive oil while steaming a head of broccoli. Once broccoli is steamed, add to the saute and then top with a light pasta or marinara sauce. Add a little red pepper flakes and you’re good to go! Can literally be thrown together in about 10 mins!

If you’re in or around the area come support the Special Olympics of Oregon tomorrow and take the plunge with me! If you saw this weeks episode of the Bachelor I’m just hoping I fare better than Tierra! Have a great weekend!!

❤ Jamie


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