3 Ingredients, 3 Minutes: Breakfast on the Go!

Ever since my dad hooked me on Greek yogurt, I pretty much abandoned my love of the regular stuff. With my active lifestyle, double the protein for about the same amount of calories… it only makes sense! Greek yogurt has fewer carbs, half the sodium and my personal favorite… (as a result) keeps you fuller longer! However, I’ve tried this little combo both ways and sometimes you just can’t beat the regular stuff. So I bring you the 3 ingredient, 3 min, breakfast on the go!

apple yogurt


What you need:

  • 1 cup Vanilla Light and Fit Yogurt
  • 1 apple of your choosing (chopped in chunks)
  • Cinnamon

Mix it all together and you have a sweet treat for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack! Also great paired with a slice of Ezekiel Bread w/ smashed avocado… just saying!

Back to back nights of The Bachelor this week… Is anyone as excited as we are?! yeah yeah #guiltypleasure

❤ Jamie


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