Festive Fit Tip Friday!

Christmas is barreling toward us like a speeding train…can you believe we only have a few more days? I still haven’t done any shopping, nor have we decorated our tree (both on the agenda for today, in addition to an ugly sweater party :)).

I know we’ve talked a lot about indulging this season, cause let’s be real, it’s going to happen. Because it’s pretty much inevitable, I thought it would be beneficial to share some quick, effective workouts you can do to burn off some of that sugar. You’ll feel so much better about your choices if you stick to your workout routine, and it might motivate you to make smarter choices!

Pick your favorite and get moving! These can be done anywhere and are over before you know it so you can get back to the fun 🙂 Make it a family affair and have everyone do it with you! Or use it as an excuse to have some alone time. Either way, you are so much better off!

Have a lovely weekend! We’ll be getting festive, ugly sweater pics to come!

❤ Sarah


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