Kombucha Cocktails

Is it Monday again already? I guess time flies when your having fun…no secret that I’ve been having a looot of fun lately 🙂

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco for a work event. I love San Francisco, it was a good 10 degrees warmer than Portland and it’s so much more of a big city feel, which I totally thrive on.

Nothing like seeing palm trees at Christmastime!

Nothing like seeing palm trees at Christmastime!


I love walking the streets and taking everything in, it just energizes me like nothing else. And to have my trip completely paid for made it that much better.

The view from my morning run

The view from my morning run

One of the best parts of traveling is getting to check out new restaurants (on the company’s dime ;)). I knew San Fran had a killer vegan food scene, so I was excited to try some of the legendary spots I so often hear about. The first night we were there we decided to try Millenium, an upscale, dinner only establishment that serves gourmet vegan food. The food was amazing, as expected, but I was also enamored with their drink options.

Some of you may know that I have a reoccurring issue with Candida which requires me to abstain from all forms of sugar, including alcohol. While I don’t follow this sugar free diet 100% of the time, I do try to stay away from alcohol when I can. Unfortunately, I love wine and fancy cocktails, so it’s sometimes hard to resist. This particular Wednesday night, I wanted something to sip on but wasn’t ready to start drinking, so I ordered from Millenium’s non-alcoholic drink menu. I’d normally just skip drinks altogether in this case (I prefer not to drink my calories), but I saw a kombucha cocktail and HAD to try it. Kombucha is full of health benefits, so I figured I was doing myself a solid by ordering it 🙂

The "RAW-Volution"

The “RAW-Volution

The drink was a mix of kombucha, ginger agave syrup, lemon juice and muddled seasonal fruit, in this case, pears. It was sweet without being overly so, and the kombucha added a kick that is somewhat reminiscent of booze, but not as obvious. I’m definitely planning on making my own in the near future and experimenting with flavors. Try using different types of fruit and spices, and of course, you can always add alcohol if you so desire!

As Christmas approaches, my schedule gets more and more packed…between work holiday fetes and ugly sweater parties, my week is pretty booked! I’m loving getting into the spirit (I may or may not be listening to Justin Bieber’s Christmas album as we speak), and I hope you are too!

❤ Sarah



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