Throw a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show party, and celebrate 100 posts with us!

It’s an exciting day in the world of Skinny Bliss, for two reasons.

1. This post marks 100 posts to date on the blog! Thanks so much to all our fabulous readers who’ve made this journey so amazing thus far!

2. Our favorite TV event of the year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airs tonight at 10 pm on CBS!

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

So, to celebrate, we are having some girlfriends over tonight to do some kickboxing then lounge and watch the fashion show. And to be honest we’re pretty pumped.

We remember living in our respective sorority houses and watching the show….you’d think it was New Year’s the way everyone was making resolutions to get their asses in gear the next day. It was always such a huge event even then, and one that was super motivating. So in honor of this event, we thought we’d give you some healthy tips for throwing your own VS Fashion Show party!

The Snacks

We looove snacking, so we’ve become pros at coming up with healthy snack ideas. Here are a few that will keep you fit like a model and make you feel AND look great:

  • Veggies and hummus! The higher water content the veggies (think cucumber, celery, bell peppers), the more hydrating and therefore beautifying they are. Dip them in your favorite hummus or salsa for a little something extra 🙂
  • Fruit salad. Throw together your favorite fruit (we recommend lots of berries – love those antioxidants!) and chow down!
  • If you are feeling fancy, try one of our healthy finger food recipes! Your guests will be so impressed.
  • For something sweet that’s still good for you, serve our super-healthy Pumpkin Pie Dip with apple slices. Mmmhhmmm.

The Drinks

So alcohol isn’t the most beautifying beverage, but you can’t have a girls night in of this caliber without a few cocktails! So keep it light. Try what Miranda Lambert calls “the Randarita” – Mix Bacardi with pink lemonade Crystal Light and voila! You have a delicious, fresh cocktail that’s low cal!

 Image Credit: Shape

Or, try our fall sangria, which we LOVE for parties.

The Activities:

Clearly during commercial breaks put on your heels and strut your stuff around the living room… kidding… kinda:) But considering tomorrow will probably be the 2nd busiest gym day (after New Years Day) of the year for females we thought we’d throw in some sweat sesh switch ups to keep that metabolism cranking.

This Youtube Video of Justin Gelband training Angel Candice Swanepoel demonstrates amazing butt, hip and stomach exercises.

This Video from shows Sports Illustrated model Julie Hendersen breaking down some Pilates moves at Chaise23, a fitness studio in New York City.

Angel Lily Aldridge is a fan of Tracy Anderson’s arm workout’s seen here on that helped sculpt her arms pre wedding and fashion show!

Celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck who has trained many Victoria Secret models put together this quick but intense 10 min video that you can do with no props in the comfort of your own home!

And a little love….

Remember, the most important thing is to love yourself and accept who YOU are! We love those VS Angels but let’s be real, their bodies are partly hard work but also partly due to great genes. Keep in mind they also cleanse and detox the days leading up to this event! It’s unrealistic to compare ourselves to them, so just relax and enjoy yourself, that’s way more sexy than having low confidence! You are perfect just the way you are ladies!! 🙂


I know it might keep you up past your corporate world curfew but ladies this television event is well worth it. We’ll be viewing last years show first (that yes.. is still taped on our DVR) and you bet we’ll be comparing. If this isn’t workout inspiration I’m not sure what is!

❤ Jamie & Sarah


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