The Gilt Club

It has been a while since we’ve done a restaurant post here on Skinny Bliss, and trust me the only thing this foodie has been lacking on is posting about them– I’ve got a great line-up coming your way I promise 🙂 I’m a girl who loves to cook and eating at home makes it way easier to make healthy swaps and manage portion control… But there’s something about a nice meal, with great company, a fun environment and no mess to clean up. You with me?!

I’ve got some great places to share with you, so today I want to kick it off with The Gilt Club. I tested this place out with a friend earlier this week and we had no idea we were in for such a treat. I hadn’t heard too much about this place, but the few things I had heard were enough for us to give it a try.

We selected 3 items to share (because someone likes variety ;))


Roasted mussels in sofrito, goose fat vegetables, and herbs

I get mussels frequently and the broth this came in was fabulous, almost a little spicy which was a nice touch.  The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the potato pieces that were in the broth… when dipping bread I typically don’t need the extra carb in the sauce…but that’s just me!


Farrotto: farro risotto style with squash, pomodoraccio tomatoes, pecorino, leeks, and gold beets

Not the best picture quality from my lovely iPhone but this was delicious.  It is cooked to taste like a risotto but it is made with farro so the texture is definitely different. Very flavorful and filling.

Seared scallops ‘chowda’ with jalapeños, clams, corn, fingerlings, onions, and cream

The scallops were easily my favorite.  The creamy yet spicy sauce with the perfectly cooked onions made a fantastic combination.  I of course love anything with jalapeno but the corn was a random yet welcomed surprise with this dish.

We’d let our eager eyes get the best of us at happy hour post-work so we ended up getting the smaller size of the both the risotto and the scallops. I would love to see what the large looks like because the ‘smalls’ were great portion sizes.  We left stuffed to the brim but if we hadn’t had a few snacks before we headed that way it would have probably been the perfect amount for 2 to share.

I would def recommend this as a place worthy of at least trying.  I’m not sure how often they change their menu (because it is slightly limited) but I would absolutely go back even solely for the scallops.

The Skinny:

  • Website: The Gilt Club
  • Location: 306 NW Broadway Portland, OR
  • Hours: Mon-Thurs 5pm-1am and Fri/Sat open till 2am
  • Phone: 503.222.4458
  • Fact: For table’s of 6 or more you can do the ‘Chef’s Table’ which is a special menu highlighting a specific meat or fish.

Don’t make me ‘Gilt’ you into it…Give it a try!

❤ Jamie


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