Motivation Monday: Post-Thanksgiving Pick-me-up

Photo Credit: Back on Pointe

Hello gorgeous friends!

First off, we want to apologize for getting behind over the holiday weekend. Lots of family, travel, football and general celebrating…you know how it goes! But it’s a new week and we are ready to get back on track!

Speaking of getting back on track, let’s be real: Thanksgiving is usually the start to the downward spiral that many experience over the holidays. Most people give up on their health routine this season, assuming they can fix everything in January with their New Year’s resolutions. Don’t be one of those people! You owe yourself more than that. Let’s not get it twisted though, I’m all for indulging during the holidays. Just don’t let it derail you.  A few days of indulgence doesn’t mean you should give up on your goals!

I’m promising myself that I won’t fall into a holiday slump, and I’d love for you all to join me! Here are a few ideas to help you get back on track this week:

1. Take advantage of sunny days like today (even if it’s cold…that’s what coats are for) and go for a walk. Bonus points if you invite a friend!

2. If you don’t have time for a full workout in the morning, take even 5-10 minutes to get your sweat on before you hop in the shower. Do jumping jacks, crunches, yoga, whatever, just get moving! Your AM routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, so make it good.

3. Slow down! Stress can get the best of us this time of year. Take time to enjoy the little things. Breathe. Eat slowly and with intention. You have the power to change how you are feeling at any moment in time.

4. Play! Make exercise fun! Play a sport, have a dance party with yourself or a friend, hula hoop…the more you let go and live, the better!

5. Write your goals down and post them somewhere you will see them often! It’s a great reminder of what you are working towards.

Jamie and I are taking the girls with us tonight to see Julie and kickstart the week with a little boxing! What helps you stay motivated? We’d love to hear your tips!

❤ Sarah


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