Motivation Monday

I know I speak for basically everyone when I say that I hate seeing Sundays end. Monday reignites the stressful lifestyle so many Americans live. Stress can cause all sorts of problems, and can completely derail even the best of intentions for healthy living. Stress causes us to lose muscle tone, store fat, and it makes us too tired to work out.

This week, I challenge you to stand up to corporate America and find ways to eliminate stress throughout your day. Here are a few ideas:

So go take a chill pill my friends! If it helps, use the mantra we use at work when shit hits the fan: “no babies died.” AKA whatever you are stressing about probably isn’t that big a deal in the scheme of things.

Life isn’t meant to be serious! So when the going gets tough, look for the humor in the situation and move on. 🙂 Have a fabulous week!



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