Friday’s Fab Finds

We woke up to blue sky this morning, a fall rarity – hope you are having an equally gorgeous Friday! To celebrate the start of another month, we are bringing you what inspired us in the blogosphere this week. What’s inspiring you right now?


Ahh November, cold weather, college football, and of course Thanksgiving! I’ll admit, I don’t really get all that excited about the eating part of Thanksgiving – I’m not a fan of turkey or stuffing my face – but I do love spending time with family, watching the NFL and pumpkin pie! As you can imagine, my pumpkin pies these days are far from traditional, being gluten free and vegan and all. This year, I’m dying to try Gena at Choosing Raw’s recipe for the perfect vegan pumpkin pie…it looks heavenly, I don’t think my family will complain too much.

On a more serious note, I was super inspired by FashionLushxx’s post on the pressure for perfection in the blog world. I love that she is so honest, it goes a long way in this business. Her post is a perfect reminder that imperfection is our nature, and in no way is that bad. Take it from me, the queen of quirky, it keeps the world interesting!

After rocking a floor-length Native American headdress last weekend for Halloween, I can’t get enough of the feather look. It’s so quintessentially me, I can’t handle the fact that I don’t own one. When looking for costume ideas last week, I stumbled across a post on My-Paraphernalia dedicated to head feathers and now I’m kind of obsessed with it. It seriously makes me want to get a tribal themed photo shoot going…no joke. If you take good photos, get at me…

MK beat me to it…


Yay it’s November, which means I can finally listen to Christmas music without being embarrassed right? But this also means time is ticking till New Years!  I am shocked I never came up with this idea… GLITTER party anyone? This shoot is full of inspiration.

Keeping on the theme of glitter, head over to Glitter Guide to see rainy day outfit inspiration! I know this will come in handy if you live anywhere near us… or hurricane Sandy 😦

Lastly… this may not be the healthiest thing ever posted on Skinny Bliss but check out this pumpkin mac and cheese. Kinda reminds me of our Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo, but a little more decadent. Some co-workers and I are doing a “Friend’s Giving” the weekend before Thanksgiving and this is in the running for what I’m thinking of contributing! Good thing I work with 90% men…

So ending Halloween with one last costume for a Murder Mystery dinner party tonight… the only hint I’m giving is that I’m not rocking my normal hair color…

Have a fabulous weekend!

❤ Jamie & Sarah


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