Fit Tip Friday: Rainy Day Workouts

 Avoid Raining Day Workout Slumps

It’s official: Fall is here. Today is the first rainy day we’ve had in months; overnight, it went from sunny and warm-ish to cold and wet, and people forget how to drive. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Now that the rainy season is upon us, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of letting ourselves go. We’ll be wearing layers for the next 6 months and spending a lot of time indoors, not to mention all the excuses around the holiday season, but in my mind, there’s no excuse for letting your diet and exercise routine fall by the wayside. So for today’s fit tip, here are a few ways to take your workout indoors to keep the momentum going all winter.

Exercise TV On Demand – If you have Comcast, I’m sorry… haha but it does have a few upsides, one being On Demand! You can get tons of workouts right to your TV, and do them any your living room. They’ve got everything from cross fit to pilates to dance, and most run anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

Nike Training Camp App – Not sure if this app exists for Android or Windows, but if you have an iPhone, this app is freaking awesome. It has a bunch of interval/cross training workouts to choose from, each of which has a different focus (cardio, strength, etc.) It talks you through the move, and you can sync your music to it, which rocks. I take this app to the gym or do it at home and I get a thorough workout in under an hour. Love it!

Pinterest! I know this sounds funny, but Sarah actually gets most of her at-home workouts from Pinterest. Often times, bloggers will post workouts in the form of an image that you can then pin and access easily, without having to go to the website. Sarah has a whole board dedicated to at home workouts. They usually require no equipment, and can be done quickly while still working up a sweat. So browse the fitness section and pin your faves!

Bikram Yoga– Hot yoga becomes a lot more appealing when it’s not 90 degrees outside. We both tried this last fall and were huge fans of sweating out those toxins! Easy to experiment with new studios if you check LivingSocial or Groupon!

If you’re a runner like Jamie then you know the treadmill starts to become near impossible after around 5 miles (important side note for runners taking it inside this winter: Run on a 1.0 incline- this makes it comparable to running outside- Don’t let this be an excuse to take it easy on yourself!)…. so embrace the weather, put on your rain jacket and pound through some puddles, if you’re prepared, it’s grounds for an eventful run!

It’s going to be a loooong winter my friends, so do yourself a favor and stay in shape! You’ll have a leg up on the rest of the population when the weather warms up again – they’ll be dreading swimsuit season and you’ll be psyched.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

❤ Sarah & Jamie


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