Le Happy

Le Happy

Crepes aren’t the first thing I think of when heading out to dinner, but when my brother suggested Le Happy, I decided it was worth a shot. He is definitely a breakfast for dinner type of guy and happened to pass this hidden gem when he was walking home the other night in NW Portland. The entire menu is mouth-watering, I couldn’t come to a decision (typical) so I made the waitress make one for me. The menu is about half savory and half sweet and we both opted to go savory.  I was really tempted to try the salad crepe (mixed greens, poached pear, gorgonzola, garlic and toasted hazelnuts) or the Salmon Fume (smoked salmon in white wine with gruyere and green onions) but quickly changed my mind when the waitress mentioned the special – a combination of chicken, ham, spinach, sun-dried tomato, green onion, and blended with a light creamy/cheesy/sun-dried tomato sauce.

The Special

The picture does not do it justice considering you can’t see the insides, but trust me, it was amazing. My brother opted for one of their most popular the Ma Provence (roasted chicken, thyme, garlic, tomato, green onion, gruyere and goat cheese, then he added creme fraiche which was layered underneath)

Ma Provence

Overall it was a toss-up on which was better. Next time, I think I’m going to have to try the salmon paired with a glass of white wine.  It’s one of those places where you feel obligated to switch it up every time because nothing on the menu looked anything less than divine. While it was a decent amount of food (though not overly filling by any means), what’s dinner without dessert (always my mantra)? We decided to split a sweet crepe after struggling to make a choice.  Finally, we agreed on Le PBNC (peanut butter, Nutella, semi-sweet chocolate, then we opted for no whipped cream but added banana).

Result = Clear winner! The bananas are layered on the bottom and then the crepe is filled with the sugary, gooey, goodness.  Unlike the savory crepes, this one was crisp and could almost be eaten with your hands… I’m not judging!

 The Skinny- Le Happy

  • Hours: Monday- Thursday 5pm- Midnight, Friday & Saturday till 1:30am and closed on Sunday
  • Location: 1011 NW 16th Avenue (Right between Lovejoy and Marshall) Portland, OR
  • Price Range: Each Crepe around $4-10
  • Phone: 503.226.1258
  • Fact: Quant ambiance, vegetarian options and open late night for a midnight snack post bars?? Sounds good to me! Also rumor has it, a def must try in one of the flaming sweet crepes- the table next to us had it and it comes on fire!

It’s safe to say it won’t be long till I go back!

❤ Jamie


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