Friday’s Fab Finds

Did you know that yesterday was National Vodka Day? We just found out and are super bummed we didn’t celebrate, seeing as vodka is kind of our go-t0 when it comes to hard liquor. So here’s to a happy belated National Vodka Day…go out and celebrate, you know we will be!

Here’s what we are loving this week:


It’s all about intervals! While I find myself running at the same pace most mornings, it’s a nice change to try challenging yourself to intervals. While it builds speed and maximizes calorie burn it also keeps your metabolism up to speed. This brief booty short work out on Tone it Up will def be tested out this weekend!

Style crush alert! Seams for a Desire gives me style inspiration week after week.  She does a great job of pairing high and low-end items while creating a unique yet current look. I mean this girl made rain boots look snazzy this week, and in the NW that will come to great use!

Considering Vodka is my go-to choice of liquor if I’m indulging in a cocktail, I felt obligated to feature this recipe from Shape Magazine.  The Savoy= muddled grapes, vodka, lemon juice, agave and ringing in at 200 calories? I’ll say yes every time!


Even growing up, I never did processed breakfast foods; no joke, I wasn’t allowed to eat sugary cereal (thanking my mom for that now…), but when I saw Chocolate Covered Katie’s homemade pop tart recipe, I knew I had to put it in my recipe queue. Katie is a vegan  who shares her healthier take on classic desserts and I’ve tried a number of her stuff before with excellent results, so this one is a must.

Calling all Ryan Gosling fans! I stumbled across Vegan Ryan Gosling, a Tumblr blog that posts photos of Ryan Gosling with vegan captions. It’s absolutely hilarious and totally relevant to my dietary choices. I got a huge kick out of it. Even if you’re not vegan, there are a lot of sexy pictures to gawk at!

Want to detox without doing the restrictive diet for weeks on end? Check out this simple breathing exercise from Intent Blog – it’s a quick, easy and refreshing way to eliminate toxins and boost energy.


We have an exciting weekend coming up, we are road tripping to Corvallis for the Washington State/Oregon State game! You can bet we’ll be tailgating beforehand, and don’t worry, we’ll make it back by Saturday night to unleash our crazy on Portland! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

❤ Sarah&Jamie


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