Fave Fit Mags

You know you’re subscribed to too many magazines when the “have not read stack” is starting to tower over the “already browsed through” one… I started to realize this yesterday when I was doing a quick clean and still was struggling to find homes for all of this months magazines; bathrooms, coffee table, night stand, etc. While I’m not typically a hoarder, I find myself holding onto magazines way past their date, thinking I’ll eventually need to buy that lip gloss, make that recipe, try that hair treatment, or do that work out. You get the picture. I’m a sucker for great merchandising and one mouth-watering recipe while flipping through a magazine at a checkout can get me hooked.  Unfortunately you can’t just rip it out… I mean, right?? So instead of being a sucker, and to be more cost-effective, I take pride in putting it down at the checkstand knowing it will arrive at my door (for a quarter of the price:)). Here are a few of my current favs;

Fitness: Easily one of my faves and you can buy a year subscription for about the same price as a Subway foot long (with probably more health benefits)! This magazine is great for recipes, daily eats, and workouts! I’m not big on trying workouts from magazines but if I do this is my go-to place. Added Bonus: Salad Calorie Counter… pretty neat!

Women’s Health: Along with the recipes and workouts, there’s great health articles that are very interesting and informative.

Shape: Where to start? I feel like every time I search for healthy tips or recipes something from Shape pulls up! They also have a lifestyle section and keep you up bit on your celebrity gossip. Plus I think with all the oatmeal recipes I’ve collected from this magazine I’ll never have to make the same thing twice!

Self: Self is great for food, fitness and fashion. You get not only the skinny tips but the beauty tricks!

Lastly it’s a toss-up between Clean Eating and Eating Well for a good recipe magazine.  While I’m fonder of fitness magazines these are great for getting recipe ideas for dinner parties!

What are you’re go-to fit mags?

❤ Jamie


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