Sparkling Fall Sangria

Jamie and I had yet another fabulous girl’s night out last Friday, perfect timing to celebrate the first day of fall! I’m a total summer girl, but fall is easily my next favorite season. There is nothing I love more than football weekends, pumpkin recipes and cozying up in sweaters and boots as the weather cools off. I mean seriously, Halloween is my favorite holiday – I’m all about this time of year!

We decided to pre-funk with a classy cocktail before we made our way downtown Portland (in skirts and ankle boots – a fall fashion fave of ours), opting for a sangria that features apples- a seasonal staple here in Washington. This cocktail is the perfect segway from summer to fall boozing, as it features fall produce while staying light and fresh.


1 bottle white wine (we opted for pinot grigio but any white will do – chardonnay makes for a a dry finish and Moscato or Riesling will make it super sweet)

1 bottle sparkling wine or champagne (you could also use hard cider)

2-3 (depending on size) seasonal apples, cut into chunks

Add all the ingredients to a pitcher and refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving.

I’ll be making this for a work dinner party later this week…it’s a fall theme (shocking, right?), so more recipes to come!

❤ Sarah


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