Jinx Kitchen and Lounge

After a far-too-long period of separation, we finally got the chance to reunite and catch up after over a week of traveling and being crazy busy. And in true Skinny Bliss fashion, we figured delicious food, and of course, cocktails 🙂 would be the best way to celebrate this reunion. We decided a try out Jinx in the Pearl District, as it’s one of the few places in Portland with happy hour until 7 (darn work commutes!), and neither of us had ever been before.

{{Nothing satisfies like a well-mixed cocktail after a long day at work}}


Testing out something new! I honestly thought I had an issue with being indecisive but Sarah easily takes the cake 🙂 So after going back and forth about where to meet last night for happy hour (clearly not being able to make a decision) we ended up with “just park in the Pearl District and we’ll figure it out!” With both of us fighting the traffic in different directions, I made it first and wound up popping into Jinx. I’d heard of it many times before  and walk past it frequently since it’s neighbors with Vault Martini Bar.  I hadn’t heard a lot about the food before but when I saw tofu on the menu (right up Sarah’s alley) and happy hour till 7, I figured it was worth giving a try!


I’d seen Jinx in passing multiple times as well, and even stopped in for a late-night round of drinks on the way to other bars, but never scoped out the earlier scene. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect food-wise, as I’d always just assumed it was more bar than restaurant focused. After checking out the menu, I was pleasantly surprised!! Jinx offers an extensive happy hour food menu, featuring appetizers and small plates with a Thai flair for dirt-cheap prices (at least for the Pearl). Additionally, their cocktail menu is rich with fabulously eclectic concoctions that made my mouth water, it was hard to choose just one! I ended up choosing the Deer Hunter (not a fan of the name, but what can you do), which was a refreshing mix of cucumber, Thai chili vodka and lime. I opted out of the simple syrup since I prefer to keep my sugar consumption down, which I didn’t feel had much effect on the taste – but I’m not into sweet drinks usually so I’m a little biased.


For my drink I chose the champagne cocktail of course! The Pomegranate Fizz had vodka, champagne and just a touch of pomegranate. It was very flavorful while not being overly sweet. For food, we started by sharing the crispy tofu and tofu salad rolls, both of which were fairly small, so we were glad we still had entrees on the way.

Salad Rolls with Peanut Sauce

The appetizers were the perfect amount to hold us over till our entree!  The sauces(<– Because I’m clearly a sauce girl!), peanut with the salad rolls and tangy plum with the tofu, were super flavorful, and rounded out both dishes nicely.

Crispy Tofu with Tangy Plum Sauce


For our entrees we both ordered the yellow curry, Jamie’s with chicken, and mine with tofu and no potatoes, since I’m allergic. The portion was a quarter the size of a normal Thai curry, which couldn’t have been more perfect – I always overeat when I eat Thai. And, it was delicious! Probably not the best curry I’ve had in Portland, but definitely top 5.

Yellow Curry

The overall verdict? Definitely a spot worth checking out! We know we’ll be back!

The Skinny – Jinx Happy Hour

  • Hours: HAPPY HOUR: MON all evening ; TUE-SAT 4-7PM ; TUE-WED 9.30pm-late, DINNER: 4-LATE, CLOSED SUNDAYS
  • Location: 232 NW 12th Ave, Portland
  • Price Range: $2-6 for both drinks and food during happy hour
  • Phone: 503.922.0178
  • Menu
  • Special Diets: Gluten free items are marked on the menu, and many dishes are vegan/vegetarian friendly.

❤ Sarah&Jamie


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