Vino in the Valley

Vino in Napa Valley

//Mumm’s sparkling tasting//

After living in Italy for 4 months and drinking wine more than water, I turned into a complete wine addict. I love it in all contexts: paired with a nice home cooked meal, sappy chick flick, dinner date, girls night out/or in ūüôā , post work drink or of course… an afternoon of wine tasting! As I mentioned, this past weekend I headed down to Napa Valley to do just that.¬† Although the trip was too short (around 24 hours, tops) I tried to keep it as relaxing as possible while¬†squeezing in as many wineries at the same time.

//My good friend Peder and I sparkling tasting round 2 at Domaine Carneros//

Not only is wine one of the most waist friendly liberations¬†but there are a number of health benefits as well. I mean any excuse to drink more wine or validate the addiction, right? Studies have shown that wine can reduce your risk of heart disease… in moderation of course! Per ounce, wine is lower in calories, cholesterol, sodium and fat than most any other alcoholic beverage. No added juices with sugar and extra calories just puuuuure¬†wine. Although I also have a minor mimosa addiction so¬†I prefer me some bubbly and sometimes a little topper of grapefruit… or another waist friendly swap –> The Bellini!¬† Add about a tablespoon of your favorite fruit puree to a glass of bubbly and it only adds around 10 calories. Way lower in cals¬†than a vodka cran!

//The locals! (aka College friends) at their favorite Darioush//


In the short time I was there I managed to make it to: Mumm’s, Darioush, Domaine¬†Carneros and¬†Beringer.¬† All 4 were beautiful,¬†Mumm’s¬†and Domaine¬†Carneros¬†were both sparkling wineries <– Clearly these had to be on the top of my list to try. At these wineries you were seated (we chose outside of course) for your tasting. ¬†We then met up with some friends of mine from college who now live in Napa at Darioush, where the wine tasting is done typically standing at the bar. Lastly, we hit Beringer, which has most of its tastings at the bar as well but we opted for snagging a glass and a cheese tray and sitting outside.

//Smoked salmon at Domaine Carneros= perfect palate cleanser//

The facts tend to say “a glass of wine is around 100 calories” although¬†it’s important to remember the pour¬†size.¬†Most restaurant wine pours tend to be around¬† 5oz which come in¬†closer to 110-120 calories with champagne being slightly under that.¬† Typically, the sweeter the wine, the higher the calories and while one glass wont kill you, wine is easy and smooth to drink so it can go down quickly.¬†If you drink as much wine as me,¬†might be smart to¬†invest in these little guys on Etsy! ūüôā

Caloric Cuvee: The calorie counting wine glass

Another great wine tip: Ever worry about drinking too much red vino that your teeth turn that purplish color?¬† According to Dr. Brian Kantor (“dentist to the stars”) swipe a thin dab of vaseline over your teeth to prevent this (and lipstick) from messing with¬†the pearly whites!

//Dinner @ Bistro Don Giovanni and Brunch @ Bouchon Bakery//

For more tips on restaurants, wineries and hotels let me know! In the spirit of wine, Sarah and I are going to meet out tonight for a post work glass – Have a good Tuesday!

‚̧ Jamie


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