Motivation Monday

Good morning beautiful readers!

I’ve had a truly amazing last week; between all out craziness in Vegas and quality girl time in Vancouver BC, I’ve got a ridiculously positive outlook on life. Now, I’m back to the grind and ready for my eating/working out/sleeping schedule to normalize. If you’re in the same boat, here’s a little motivation for today:

Photo Credit: Fit Sugar

The idea of little steps has always been big for me. I get easily overwhelmed with a diet and exercise overhaul and I’m the first to give up when things don’t work as quickly as I’d like them to. Over the years, I’ve learned that making small changes as you are ready, rather than big hard-to-sustain changes, lead to lasting success.

Getting in shape this way truly changes you. You start craving healthy foods and getting cranky if you don’t work out. I was the perfect example of this last weekend – I didn’t prioritize nutrition or exercise my first day in Vancouver BC and by Saturday afternoon, I was honestly chomping at the bit for a run {and I hardly EVER run…}. After a gorgeous sunset run on the waterfront, I was back to my cheerful self and ready to face the evening, and ended up having the energy to stay out till the bars closed {staying sober helped too}. It felt amazing.

Vancouver BC: If this isn’t motivation to get your butt out the door, I don’t know what is!

I hope you all are as motivated as I am to kick this week off right! Eat a salad, do some yoga, and maybe even tag along on your roomates morning run 😉 let’s make it a great week!

❤ Sarah


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