Friday Fab Finds

//Our type of Runway… J Crew men’s line//

Between Jamie’s new office and best friend being in town (with new baby Landon!!) and Sarah’s Vegas trip, it’s been a crazy week! But never fear,we still had time to dig through the best new content in the blogosphere. Here’s a look at what we are loving this week:


Fashion Week– With New York fashion week wrapping down.  I’ve found many style inspirations I’m looking forward to mixing into my wardrobe as we transition into fall.  Check out all the loud colors J Crew had strutting down the runway! Search this site to click-through different designer’s collections!

Dream Vacation– After following Rosie’s experience with Yacht Week it was an instant add to my bucket list.  You may have to quote me on saying I will at some point make it to Yacht Week,  here’s to hoping it’s in the near future!! If you’re planning to book, look into this survival guide!

Quick Meal’s– Due to the fact I feel like I’m constantly on the run, I love going over to Fitnessista to see her healthy and quick meals she whips up on the daily.  Browse through her blog to get lots of ideas for mixing and matching leftovers and packing healthy work lunches.


Nudy Judy – After a weekend of wine-purple nails {and a sparkle accent nail!!}, I’m ready to take my talons down a notch and go for a more natural look. My nudie nails were inspired by Pushups with Polish’s post on why neutral nails aren’t just for grandmas anymore {although my grandma is pretty hip}.

Juice Pulp is food too! – I drink homemade juice on occasion, but I feel so wasteful throwing out all the pulp that’s leftover. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate the fibrous stuff into my meals, so I was excited to see Hungry Hungry Hippie use her leftover carrot pulp in a quinoa tempeh bowl. Now I need to go make some juice so I can try this!

Vacation Vanity – Clearly I’ve been taking some time off work **cough, Vegas**, and I’m about to embark on a weekend trip to Vancouver, Canada with my best friend from college, which makes Skinny Confidential’s post on why you should work out on vacation super timely. As she explains it, why shouldn’t you? Too long without  endorphins and your mental and physical health starts to decline…**cough, Vegas…again**

Well another week just flew by and Jamie’s off to an over-night trip to Napa to do some wine tasting while Sarah is off to Vancouver BC! Hope everyone else has a great weekend in store as well!

❤ Jamie & Sarah


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