Funny Fridays

Even after being out slightly past my work night curfew for the pearl districts First Thursday festivities, I still managed to drag myself out of bed this morning for that annoyingly early 6am workout. Feeling surprisingly chipper after a late night I thought I’d send everyone into the weekend with a few laughs!

 /Best pick-up line/

/Isn’t that the truth/


/Crossing my fingers I get a bill for $26.86/

/I’m not sure I know what OJ tastes like w/out bubbles/

/All about that healthy balance… because let’s be serious… who doesn’t like cake?/

/I was that 1%… until about 15- better safe than sorry/

/Freestyling… yup that’s what I call it/

/Best quote The Hills ever had/


Happy Friday loves! If you’re in the Vancouver area come see us at the Sausage Fest tonight<– Been going since I was a kid and that name never gets old! 🙂

❤ Jamie


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