Arm Candy


So if you know me at all it’s evident that anything with the word candy in it draws my attention and with a Bachelors Degree in  fashion marketing It’s apparent that I love clothes. But beyond the clothes my main interest has always been the accessories and details you can add to an outfit. I’m convinced the reason I got “best-dressed” in high school was not solely for the clothes {because let’s be honest who still cares by senior year?}, but because I knew how to badazzle a sweatshirt with the right matching gems to give the impression I was trying… even when I wasn’t. 

While I would not consider my style “edgy” by any means, I am a sucker for a statement piece. I consider “treating myself” a trip to one of my favorite boutiques on the lunch break of a long work day.  It’s something about the purchase of  a bangle, dangly earing, chunky necklace, cocktail ring, flowey scarf, simple clutch (the list could go on) that excites me and gets my creative juices flowing. I love taking a simple outfit and dressing it up with details and sparkles or taking a one statement piece and building an entire outfit around it.  To me it’s putting that twist on a reoccurring outfit to make it look entirely new.  Hence why when the arm candy trend came into play, it became a fast favorite.

Here are a few superior stacks that have recently caught my attention:

Tips to arm candy:

There are no real rules – Stack bracelets, bangles and watch according to own personal style. Don’t be afraid to mix high and low-end pieces. If structure is more your thing, Fashionesedaily has some good tips.

Today’s arm candy:

{{Left to right- Nordstrom// Willows// Forever 21}}

A few additions that could doctor up any stack:

This gem from J Crew would be the perfect complement to any stack.

Love this David Yurman bangle but if he doesn’t make the budget this Rachael Cable cuff looks like a very cost friendly version.

Love anything Tory Burch – this wrap in mint is a must!

And just a little YSL to look at 🙂

No weekend can ever seem long enough but hope the extra day helps! Enjoy the holiday weekend loves!

❤ Jamie

{Photo Credit Via: Image1. Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5, Image6, Image7, Image8,  Image9, Image10}


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