Hottie Hot Seat: John & Joey, Boot Camp Badasses

I love fitness, but I’m no expert. Thankfully, I have a network of people who are experts that help me stay in shape! Here at Skinny Bliss, we want to recognize those experts in a new segment we’re calling “Hottie Hot Seat“, which will highlight the people we trust to help us stay happy, healthy, and hot!

To kick things off, I couldn’t think of a better team to spotlight than my friends Joey Hogan and John Armerding. Both personal trainers with their own companies, Joey (No Limit Personal Training) and John (John Charles Strength and Conditioning) team up twice a week to offer boot camp classes out of their studio, located just west of downtown Vancouver, WA.

I’ve been attending their classes for a while (though they’ll tell you I should probably show my face more often), and I LOVE them – they kick your ass in under an hour and send you on your merry way, which as you know, is totally my style! 

{{The three of us, gettin’ goofy – John on the left, Joey on the right}}

They can tell you about themselves better than I can, so I’ll leave them to it! Enjoy 🙂

{?} What made you want to get into personal training {?}

John – I grew up loving sports and athletics. I played sports up through high school and would have loved to play in college but was not good enough. As a result I started working out at the age of nineteen to maintain an active lifestyle. I continued working out through my mid-twenties and as I contemplated different professional paths, I kept being drawn back to the idea of a career based around athletics and fitness. Personal training was the easy choice. It would allow me to incorporate my love for athletics with my desire to help people attain their health and fitness goals.

Joey – In my previous work I noted my performance and morale was significantly higher when I exercised on a regular basis. My confidence was higher and I felt better about myself overall. Admittedly, I liked looking in the mirror and seeing my improvements. I would imagine something like an artist and their paintbrush. I wanted to bring the same joy and results to others. It is exciting for me to help my clients set goals and watch them achieve them.

{?} Explain your training style. {?}

Joey – My training style changes from client to client and from session to session. Each person has different goals they’re trying to attain. My job is to be adaptable to help them reach those goals while creating a format and routine that they will enjoy. I also make sure to mix the workouts up on the regular to prevent boredom.

John – Having grown up as an athlete playing sports that is the style with which I approach training. Everyone is an athlete; we are just performing at different levels. Unfortunately some of us are way out of practice. But that’s ok most of us have a long (indefinite) off-season to get back in shape. Athletic training relies primarily on the use of bodyweight and free-weights. Because life is bodyweight and free-weight movements, this is a very functional way of training.
{?} Tell us about boot camp, why did you pick this method for your classes {?}

John – Boot camp is a bit of a loose term in regards to a group fitness class. A boot camp class can follow any format, so it allowed us to create a group fitness environment that works well within our gym atmosphere. By creating many stations with a maximum of only two people at a station, we can support a class of 20. One of the things that set our boot camps apart from some of the others offered is our focus on lifting. Most stations are lifts, opposed to cardio activities, which allows for hypertrophy and muscular endurance development while still developing the cardiovascular system.

Joey – Boot camp worked out well. To my memory John and I had never spoken of it, but somehow had the same idea about it. We wanted our boot camp to be unique, different than anything else around. Based on feedback from those who’ve attended, we are proud to say we have achieved this goal! We chose a stations format to give this group workout a private feel while also promoting a feeling of community. Everyone does the same exercises in the same order, but not at the same time. John and I chose to lead it together in order to give a little more of that personal training touch, rather than the yelling orders from a distance. By having two of us there we’re able to be more hands on in helping to teach proper form and technique. I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with than John. We accent each other well.

{{Sample Boot Camp Workout}}

{?} What’s your favorite all-over toning move {?}

John – It’s impossible to pick one move. I’m a big fan of Olympic lifting. There are three Olympic lifts: Snatch, Clean, Clean and Press. They are explosive full body movements. Not everyone can perform these lifts, but there are modifications that can be used which most people can perform.

{{John shows me the Clean and Jerk}}

Joey – This is a tough question because you want to keep your body guessing by mixing it up regularly. There are several that deliver results on multiple platforms. Personally, I love the burpee with a pushup and pull up. With this exercise you work it all. From the beginning, as you kick back you’ve worked your legs and core. The push up you fire your chest, shoulders and triceps, The kick up you’re back to legs and core. The jump, you’ve fired the quads. Reaching for the bar while in the air you begin the pull up, working the lats, bi’s and again… the core. It’s a move that tones from head to toe.

{{Joey teaches me his favorite move – with a little help on the pull up ;)}}

{?} What is your favorite thing about being in the fitness industry {?}

Joey – I see the fitness industry as a holistic approach to total health. A healthy, fit body is just the beginning. Watching people improve their outlook on life, and knowing it was largely influenced by how they feel about their physical capabilities, is so incredibly rewarding.

John – Every day I have the opportunity to support people in reaching their health and fitness goals. It’s amazing to see people achieve goals they previously thought unattainable. Also, I am a firm believer in leading by example. It’s my job to be fit and make healthy choices. This provides me with great motivation to never miss a workout and not eat poorly.

{?} Any “skinny” diet or exercise tips you’d like to share? {?}

John – Consistency. In both nutrition and exercise. I work out five or six days a week and think about everything I eat. I am not saying that you need to be that dedicated (or crazy), that depends on your goals and how quickly you would like to reach them. The more consistent you are the quicker you will reach your goals.

Joey – Girls, don’t be afraid of lifting weights! Gaining muscle doesn’t necessarily mean gaining size. Upping your lean muscle percentage leads to increased metabolism, and lifting will help to increase tone and decrease body fat. Get some cardio training in there also, either between sets or after you’ve hit the weights. This will help you achieve well-rounded fitness and a fitter, leaner body. Diet-wise, it can’t be said enough: get lots of vegetables. Also, an active person should drink 2/3 ounce of water per pound of body weight in order to stay hydrated. Lastly, cut your carbs after dinner and replace them with healthy fats to avoid a blood sugar spike before bed.

Thanks guys, I love your classes, and I know our readers will too 🙂

John and Joey are both certified personal trainers. Boot camp runs on Tueday night at 7 PM and Saturday morning at 9 AM out of their studio at 1222 W. McLoughlin BLVD, Vancouver, WA  98660. John also does a free Friday night workout at 6 PM, in addition to free “Fun Runs” every other Sunday at various locations. Both guys post each workout ahead of time on Facebook, so follow both John and Joey to get the dish!

I better see you all at boot camp!

❤ Sarah


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