Celebrating at Pambiche

As promised, we are reviewing our experience at Pambiche for Sarah’s birthday – and get excited, because we are tag teaming it today!


There’s no doubt I indulged on my birthday, which was absolutely necessary and sooo worth it. Following an out-of-this-world lunch at Native Foods, plus late afternoon margs with fresh fruit juice, courtesy of my cube neighbor, Phil, I thought it couldn’t get much better. Clearly, I was underestimating Pambiche.

I first found this Portland gem a few months ago, when Joe and I waited an hour to get in on our one year anniversary. The wait was totally worth it, they had some of the best food and cocktails I’ve found thus far in Portland. So it was an obvious choice for my birthday dinner.

One things I always LOVE about Pambiche is the decor. The whole building is painted with teals, hot pinks, yellows and bright greens, with the entire East wall a cuban-inspired mural. I’ve never been to Cuba, but it reminds me a lot of Key West, which I’m assuming is pretty similar. The indoor area is tiny, but there is plenty of outdoor seating, which was perfect on a warm summer evening.

{{The west side of the building – adorable!}}

Every time I hit this place up, there are a few staples I absolutely have to get: yucca fries, fried sweet plantains, avocado salad, and frituras (fritters). However, getting them all has proved to be way too much food in the past, so we all shared an order of the yucca fries, and I got a platter with black beans, avocado salad, two yam frituras and two taro root garlic frituras. I decided to skip the sweet plaintains this time, as they are pretty decadent, and I wanted to save my dessert capacity for Back to Eden.

{{This is dish is amazing EVERY time, without fail}}

My mom ordered the same dish as I did and loved it as well. Joe got the Rabo Encendido, or “Oxtail on Fire”, brasied in wine sauce and served with rice and corn fritters (which taste like dessert, they are so bomb).

{{Oxtail – not so vegan-friendly, but apparently it was good!}}

My dad ordered the Croqueta Preparada, or the “Miami” version of a classic Cuban sandwich. It’s served with fried plantains, which taste a lot like thick french fries. He was happy with his food too, but took the second half home as leftovers.

{{Daddio’s Cuban Sandwich}}


I also ordered the Frituras y Frijoles Platter, but got the goat cheese fritters instead of the yam. Overall, the food was awesome. My favorite part of the dish was the avocado salad, due to the delicious orange vinaigrette it was served with. The beans were good but nothing special, and the fritters were a new to me, and definitely a welcomed surprise. This was my first time at Pambiche, and I definitely can’t wait to go back. Although next time I’d love to be more adventerous and try the Enchilado de Pescado, and a “Cuban Cigar” for dessert!

After dinner, we headed to Sarah’s favorite dessert place (because it’s not a birthday without dessert!) – Back to Eden of course! While I usually stick with ice cream, I decided to branch out and try the gluten-free chocolate peanut butter salted ganache cake, on the condition that Sarah and Joe ordered ice cream so I could have some of that too. It was delicious, but wayy too decadent for one person, I’m glad I had help!

{{As you can see, I got a little too excited about the cake before I had the chance to snap a photo, it was that good!}}

The frosting was to die for, but I think the vegan soft serve is still my favorite! Next time, I’m dying to get the Mt. Hood Sundae with soft serve…yum 🙂


Back to Eden NEVER gets old. As usual, I had a tough time deciding what to get. Jamie’s cake was fabulous, and my mom got a lavender snickerdoodle cookie that I wanted to try but she smashed it before I got the chance. In the end, I opted for a soft serve sundae with granola, marionberry sauce and coconut flakes. Just like everything I’ve had there, it was out of this world 🙂

I’d say overall it was a pretty successful birthday! Great food, great people, and luckily, great weather. I plan on spending the rest of the weekend celebrating while Jamie runs Hood to Coast 🙂 If you are running this weekend, look out for her! She’ll be the one that’s way faster than everyone… just kidding! (kind of).

The Skinny – Pambiche

  • Location: 2811 NE Glisan, Portland, OR
  • Hours: Breakfast Sat&Sun 8-2, Lunch Mon-Fri 11-5 and Sat, Sun from 2-5, Dinner nightly from 5-close
  • Phone: 503-233-0511
  • Menu
  • Fun facts: They have awesome cocktails and a great happy hour. And they clearly label GF, Vegan and Vegetarian options on the menu. Also – the line is usually long, but they offer take out if you call the number above!

Enjoy your weekend!

❤ Sarah&Jamie


3 thoughts on “Celebrating at Pambiche

  1. Pambiche is great and it is across the street from another hidden gem in Portland: Dove Vive for pizza you’ll love. See what you think.

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