Pre & Post Workout Snacks

This weekend I will be competing in the nations largest running relay race {{which starts at Mt. Hood and finishes at the Oregon Coast}}, so I figured it was a good time for a Fuel Your Body Right post.  Hood to Coast is where teams of 12 run 199 total miles all the way from Timberline Lodge to Seaside, OR.  Each person runs 3 legs that range anywhere from 4-8 miles and the race essentially takes an entire day {24 hours+}.  Last year was my first year and I competed with my work sponsored team.  This year I was nominated team captain lucky me and I’ve been itching with anticipation for this weekend for quite sometime.  Since I’ve been preparing lists and packing instructions for my 11 teammates for the past month, I thought I’d share some of my pre and post run/workout snacks. It is very important to fuel your body right when you are training/competing/working out daily {or essentially 3 times in one day<– No big deal :)}  so that your muscles are able to fulling recover.

Pre Workout:

  • Important to give your body the fuel it needs to gain muscle, burn fat, and recover as best it can.
  • High-carb, fiber-rich foods are the best choices, as they break down easily for maximum energy {examples: Banana, Trail mix, energy bar}. Don’t let the carb/calorie count scare you, according to this article, “Fueling exercise requires quality carbohydrates, lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and fluids.” Your muscles rely on those carbs for quick energy! Therefore, they are extremely important to maximize the effectiveness of your workout {lose weight, burn the most calories, fuel the energy to power through every training session}.
  • Have a snack 30-60 mins prior to your workout {larger snack= wait longer)
  • Working out on an empty stomach can cause muscle loss– If you don’t feed your body protein it goes into survival mode and draws protein from your muscle instead of kidneys and liver.
  • Smart pre workout snacks = banana with almond butter, nuts/trail mix, baked sweet potato, oatmeal w/ berries, unsweetened greek yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs.

Post Workout:

  • According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine, consuming protein and a little carbohydrate is best immediately after exercise.
  • Very important to fuel your body right after your workout <– Pref w/in 30 mins.
  • Post-workout fuel maximizes your workout and speeds up recovery <– Very important for me w/ Hood to Coast this weekend for speedy muscle recovery. Sports nutritionist and registered dietition Kristin Reisinger says, “You want to make sure you feed your body to help repair muscle tissues and replenish glycogen stores [which are depleted after a strenuous workout].”
  •  Smart post-workout snacks = PROTEIN SHAKE {I’m very big on smoothies in the morning for breakfast after a run}, hummus/veggies and pita (I also love these gluten-free crackers or rice crackers), open face sandwich on whole wheat w/ tuna or hummus+cucumber+tomato+turkey+avocado, rice crackers w/ pb+banana, greek yogurt and berries.

{Last year – Van 1 team!}

Hood to Coast Fueling (What to pack):

  • Bagels and PB
  • Bananas
  • Energy Bars
  • Nuts
  • Protein Powder ( I unfortunately wont have our household Vitamix to whip up a smoothie in the van, but I’ll be mixing my protein with water after each leg to help my muscles recover)
  • Pasta Feed <– Carb load for dinner 🙂
  • Important tip: They hand out different energy bars, gels, drinks, etc. (you name it they have it!) but don’t test out any new products the day of because you don’t know how your body will process them!

Good luck to everyone running and keep a look out for us! Pete’s Feet round 2 🙂

Also after Tuesday’s post I was challenged to test out a new mexican spot last night >>Nuestra Cocina << It’s in SE (aka not my side of the bridge) but it is up there as a new favorite! Helpful hint: Ask your server for advice, ours ways amazing and knew what menu items pair best together to compliment your palate perfectly!

❤ Jamie

{Pictures via: here, here}


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