Por Que No?

I come from a family where just about everyone’s favorite food is Mexican – seriously, I don’t believe there’s anything my mom enjoys more than a zesty and flavorful taco – so I have been to many great mexican places in and around the area. Cactus Yaya, Casa Del Matador and Cha Taqueria & Bar are a few of our staples. My foodie brother’s hands down favorite spot is Por Que No on Mississippi, so last week we decided to brave the blazing heat and go wait in their always-out-the-door line. Even with no air conditioning and on a 100 degree day… it was still well worth it for this Portland restaurant chart topper!

Por Que No? is famous for their tacos, so the few times I’ve been there I’ve stuck to those.  Since I am an avid seafood lover a few of my favorites are the restaurant’s popular Camarones (spicy sautéed shrimp) and the Pescado (Alaskan cod).   A few others I’m fond of are the Al Pastor (pork grilled with pineapple) and the Pollo Asado (spicy chipotle chicken). Helpful hint: Always check the specials board because they feature a hand full of new options to try!

This time I decided to step out of the box and get Bryan’s Bowl with pineapple and grilled pork and an Al Pastor taco on the side. Due to the fact taco night for me usually turns into a monsterous taco salad, this bowl is now my new favorite.  It’s served with chips to side for dipping, but even without those {or the extra taco} it was more than enough to be considered a filling meal… I definitely ate way past my comfort level (<– At the time very well worth it!)

One of the major bonuses of Por Que No…?

Dipping sauces!! For a girl who loves variety and can’t get enough of her sauces, they have plenty to choose from!  <– The food’s so good though you almost don’t even want to mess with zestful punch it already packs – save the dips for the chips :)!

Por Que No

  • Locations: 3524 N. Mississippi Ave and 4635 SE Hawthrone Blvd.
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm and Sunday’s 11am -9:30pm
  • Menu
  • Cost: Tacos: $3-$4 Overall: $3-$11
  • Fun Fact: All night Happy Hour on Tuesdays!

If you’re in the area I would 100% recommend this place… and if you’re not, it’s well worth the drive! If you try it, let us know what you think 🙂

Happy Monday!!

❤ Jamie


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