Juggling a full time job and a packed social calendar leaves little time for much else. Unfortunately, that sometimes includes time for exercise. But in my experience, a little movement goes a long way when it comes to staying in shape – so if you can’t make time for exercise, find sneaky ways to get it in! As the weekend approaches, here are a couple of ways to sneak a little fitness in to your fun šŸ™‚

Shake it in the club…

Remember how gross and sweaty you’d get after a night of dancing at prom or your favorite college bar? Sure, it was partly due to the fact thatĀ the venue was shoulder to shoulder, but you were probably getting your freak on and torching calories without even thinking about it! While I’ve grown out of the whole clubby-club thing (for the most part), nothing gives me more pleasure than busting out some G’ed up dance moves with my girls. I probably embarrass the crap out of most people, I have no shame when it comes to dancing. But it’s me who gets the last laugh when I realize how many calories I probably burned šŸ™‚ Last night,Ā  my best friend Kelli and I did just that out in Kirkland, evidence below…

Skinnify your drinks.

I try to make sure not to consume extra calories in the form of sugary mixers when I’m out. I usually opt for champagne or vodka soda, to avoid the sugar low that inevitably comes with a hangover. If you want more interesting drink choices, research places in your area that make unique cocktails: more often than not, they use quality ingredients and are happy to make substitutions. We started at Milagro CantinaĀ in Kirkland, WA, with their house margarita made with fresh squeezed lemons and limes, no sugar or syrupy liquers added. Save the calories for the actual alcohol – saves you the trouble of extra exercise later! And don’t forgetĀ to drink tons of water!

Walk home!

Last night, we had two options after the bars closed. Call a cab, or walk home. Though the walk home was over a mile, we decided it would be healthier and cheaper to walk. Looking back, we probably walked a good mile and a half, which burned off at least aĀ little of the alcohol we consumed. If you have the option to walk, and it’s safe, do it! You’ll be much better off in the long run, and you might not feel as awful the next day šŸ™‚

Follow these tips this weekend, and you might just be able to slack a littleĀ on that workout routine! I know I will…I’ve got a crazy weekend ahead.

Stay happy, healthy and hot!

ā¤ Sarah



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