This Is How We Roll (Sushi Making Party)

This past weekend I attended a dinner party with the title listed above.

Yes… This is how we roll!

Within the last few years sushi has become one of my favorite foods, so naturally I had been anticipating my girlfriend’s sushi party for weeks! I had yet to attend a “This is how we roll” party so I was no pro, but I definitely caught on quick. Despite it’s sometimes bad reputation, sushi has the potential to be so healthy if you make the right choices! 

While I am very picky about most meat (no steak, no meat on a bone, and nothing that looks slightly odd or risky), raw fish does not scare me… weird, right?  I will eat anything and everything even if I am slightly unsure what it is.  The bonus of this party: You could make each roll as healthy and with as little rice as you please (white rice spikes your blood sugar, so it’s best to consume in moderation).  I love to taste all the flavors of each ingredient when I’m eating sushi so sometimes the rice can be a little overbearing. 

Since I’m the type of person that doesn’t always just include what pairs well together and tends to throw every ingredient imaginable into a salad (hey… got to make them filling!), pasta, sandwich, etc., my sushi rolls were not always the most popular but probably the biggest :)!


Here’s what you need:

  • Sushi mats and rice paddle (Variation found here)
  • Saran wrap
  • Raw fish (We had tuna, salmon, shrimp and crab – exclude for a vegetarian sushi party)
  • Chopped Veggies (We had cucumber, avocado, mango, jalapeno, peppers)
  • Premade and cooled sticky rice (Direction here)
  • Nori
  • Soy sauce (Light= green lid), wasabi and ginger
  • Edaname for snacking (a favorite of mine!)
  • Ohhhh and of course Sake and Japanese beer for sake bombs 🙂

Here’s what you do:

1. Lay out your sushi mat

  • Rice on the outside= lay down seran wrap, place and form rice with rice paddle in rectangular shape
  • Rice on inside of nori= lay down nori (no seran wrap) and do the same

2. Load in any (or for me… every) ingredients you want

3. “This is where you ROLL,” using the sushi mats to help you tighten it up

4. Slice and put on a sharing plate!

Pretty simple I must say! There are plenty other step-by-step tutorials on Youtube if you would rather watch exactly how to roll them. {{Probably easier to see how it’s done if you don’t have a pro there to teach you!}} Overall it is a great interactive dinner party idea for sharing and being able to sample each persons “creative” masterpieces!

Few tips for keeping sushi healthy:

  • Steer clear of sauces (they’re typically mayonnaise based), cream cheese or fried rolls (tempura and spider rolls) <– Even though I love spicy food, w/ sushi anything with the word “spicy” typically comes drenched in a mayo sauce.
  • Use low-sodium soy sauce (typically green lid)
  • Sashimi is always a smart choice because there’s no rice, just fish. Pairs great with a cucumber salad!
  • Swap brown rice for white rice<– Not as sticky so not all restaurants will be flexible with this. In Portland, try Masu Sushi, they are always willing to accomodate!

Stay tuned for more health tips – I could write a whole post on how to make sushi healthier! But for now I’m just excited my dinner plans tonight include going to one of my favorite sushi spots in Portland! That is of course after I head to my parents house to have a little champagne and toast to my sorority sister/great friend as she will now be my sister-in-law! So happy for her and my brother!

❤ Jamie


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