Ruby Jewel

“I don’t cry over split milk but a fallen scoop of ice cream is enough to ruin my whole day.”

For me it’s always a toss-up between frozen yogurt and ice cream. I’ve had a strong addiction to fro yo for a while now possibly due to the following facts:

  • They give you dixie cups to sample as many flavors as you’d like (Or if you’re like me, it is routine to try every flavor… even if they’re the exact same ones as the day before!)
  • You can get as many flavors as you want <– Which for me is 4 every time! Love a little variety:)
  • Most are self-serve so you can get as much or little as you want
  • You can doctor it up with toppings
  • Less guilt because it’s lower in calories than ice cream!

But every now and then (which is quite often for me due to my widely known love of ice cream) I hear about a place that is a definite must-try.  I have been ranting and raving over my favorite place Salt and Straw (<– Post to come soon I promise!) for a while now due to their national recognition, corner circling lines and the fact that every one of their inventive flavors makes my mouth water. Well, word on the street is Ruby Jewel might be its biggest competition, so of course I had to give it a try. Added bonus: They both use local ingredients for their hand crafted ice cream, and offer a “cow-free” option for those who avoid dairy.

Upon arriving the line was wrapped around the corner… yes even on a Tuesday! Ruby Jewel is known for their ice cream sandwiches (which they also sell in a number of stores around PDX), so we went with a mexican chocolate ice cream sandwich (in a bowl) and a waffle cone of caramel w/ salted dark chocolate. The mexican chocolate is unlike anything I’ve ever had, it has a lot of spice and zest which we really enjoyed.  Now the salted caramel (my typical go-to) had to live up to some tough competition. I throughly enjoy a salty-sweet combination and although this was amazing, it didn’t compare to the all around flavor of Salt and Straw’s famous salted caramel.  Ruby Jewel’s had chucks of chocolate that were salted but the all around ice cream wasn’t, as opposed to Salt and Straw’s version, which boasts all-over flavor. At Ruby Jewel, it’s one of those flavors where you find yourself digging for the chunks.

Despite my salted caramel debate, this place is absolutely worth a shot! Next time I’m dying to try the honey lavender or brown butter pecan, just to switch things up! Also may have to bring along Sarah to try their “cow free” flavor and gluten-free cookies!

The Skinny:

Ruby Jewel

  • Location: 3713 N Mississippi, Portland, OR
  • Phone: 503-505-9314
  • Hours: Open daily 12 PM – 11 PM
  • Menu
  • Must Try: Any ice cream sandwich!
  • Fun facts: Gluten-free friendly, vegetarian/vegan friendly, locally sourced

So next time you’re on Mississippi, definitely check this spot out! Happy Thursday!

❤ Jamie


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