Cycling for a Cause

Cycling For a Cause

{Just a little Cycling Inspiration}

While I am a huge advocate of switching up your daily work out routine, I don’t always take my own advice.  Running to me can be slightly addicting and I seldom break out of my morning routine. I have the most luck on weekends, mixing in a workout class, hike, soccer match, or now with the blistering heat, a water activity.  This weekend things are about to change as I am signed up for the Portland Providence Bridge Pedal {supporting Providence Heart and Vascular Institute’s efforts to save the lives of people suffering cardiac arrest}.  The name kind of explains the game, I will be riding over 8 of Portland’s Bridges and cycling a total of 24 miles with my work sponsored team!

Considering my last bike included a white basket on the front and pegs on the back for friends to ride along, I’m lucky my Uncle is a semi-professional cyclist who has a more grown-up bike to spare. This morning I cut my run short and followed it up with 7 miles on the bike (if our pool was a little bigger, I may have jumped in for a half mile swim… Sprint Triathlon anyone?!). <– Considering how well the cycling goes this may have to be the next goal (feeling a little inspired from the Olympics… or maybe just Ryan Lochte:))!

So in the spirit of cycling, here are a few cycling work-outs and pointers that caught my eye (just like the above listed bachelor):

  • The Calorie-Blasting, Butt Boosting Cycling Workout <– 800 calories an hour… I think so!
  • Everything you need to know for your first race.  Helpful pointers from Fitbie!
  • If I decide a Sprint Triathlon is the next step, this beginner plan may be helpful!
  • And lastly the list wouldn’t be complete without Lance Armstrong’s strength training workout… yes it is from MEN’S Health 🙂

The timing couldn’t be better to take on another outdoor hobby and if you’re in the Portland area registration is still open, up until the start of the race!

Wish me luck!

❤ Jamie

{Photo credit via Tumblr}


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