Fit Tip Friday

RISE and SHINE and always keep in mind…


This is the most forgotten yet //important// meal. It gives your body the physical and mental boost you need to start your day. Added bonus: People who eat breakfast consume fewer calories throughout the day. No time = no excuse, grab a banana and a protein bar and head out the door, or mix up overnight oats {<– post to follow} the night before for a fiber-rich grab and go!

Jamie – I typically work out in the AM so I carve out time every morning to sit and enjoy breakfast, generally oatmeal, smoothie, or a veggie/egg scramble.

Sarah – I’m a smoothie girl all the way – I blend up veggies, protein powder, and healthy fats (avocado, flaxseed or coconut oil) for a light but balanced start to my morning. 

Bottom Line: Just do what works best for you (besides a recurring drive through!) but never pass on it completely or let it be “forgotten” <– How that happens we’re not quite sure 🙂

Have a great weekend! Getting close to the triple digits here this weekend – if you are in the area, go enjoy the amazing weather by doing something active! 🙂

❤ Jamie & Sarah 

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