Girl’s Guide to the Oregon Brewers Festival


Ohhh the Monday after Portland’s favorite weekend… Sadly Brewfest has come and gone and so has my valid excuse of a weekend of as much beer drinking sampling as possible.  For those of you that don’t know OBF is the largest  outdoor beer festival in North America.  It takes place every year, the last weekend in July, along the Portland waterfront and features  around 85 handcrafted beers from breweries across the country. While I only got to make it down one FULL day this year I was still able to squeeze through as many extremely long lines as possible. 

Helpful hint: Friday night and all day Saturday tend to have the longest lines so if you’re a huge beer fan {like this chick} and actually want to try as many as possible attempt to go Thursday.  By Sunday some beers are already tapped out and considering OBF attracted 80,000 people last year if you go Saturday {like we did} prepare to wait in at least half hour lines or come up with another sneaky strategy:)

Cool Fact: OBF offers a free root beer garden for designated drivers! <– So plan accordingly!

Being a girl, it’s only natural to be drawn to every beer with  “raspberry, pineapple, huckleberry, honey, cream, pomegranate, berry, etc.” in its name, however,  I’m also a giant sucker for a beer with a lot of bite {aka IPA’s}.  While IPA’s may not be the lowest in calories {or anywhere close} It’s Brewfest so that’s a valid exuse right??

 Although I didn’t get around to as many taps as I would have liked, here are a few of this years favorites:

Pineapple Express {from Collaborator}: Clearly the name drew a lot of attention but this beer was nice and light and left the bitterness behind.  With the perfect touch of pineapple and fruity sweetness it was very refreshing.

Pomegranate Wheat Ale {from Moylan’s Brewing Co}: Golden in color, the hop levels in this beer are kept low so you get the perfect {and not overpowering} flavor of pomegranate.

Lady of Avalon {from Ninkasi Brewing Co}: I have a major weakness for any Ninkasi so I knew I had to give this one a try. While this pilsener did not have as much bite as the famous Ninkasi Total Domination IPA {<– One of my favs} it had the perfect aroma of spice.

What if I’m gluten free? Deschutes Brewery started offering their Gluten Free Golden Ale last year, and after tapping out before the weekend even started, they planned ahead this year to be able to accomodate those with gluten sensitivity. It’s the only one offered at this point, but if you want to see more GF selection, write them an email and tell them!

 Game plan for next year… MAKE ALL 4 DAYS! Happy Monday everyone!

 ❤ Jamie


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