Friday’s Fab Finds


It’s here//Portland Brewfest!


While its been a crazy busy week for me {family reunion at the coast, best friend in town with her new baby, Portland Brewfest and Camas Days.. just to name a few!} I’ve somehow found a few spare minutes to scour the blog world.

Style Inspiration: It’s hard to even pick one outfit from this blog. Jessie over at  Seams for a Desire is constantly mixing high and low-end pieces to put together the perfect outfit.  From the looks of it, she tends to find a statement piece and build her outfit around it.  When she posted this skirt today I knew it had to be featured in our fab finds roundup.  It’s not something I would typically be drawn to when shopping but after seeing Jessie put it with the perfect pieces I’ve gotta have it.

Daily Eats: Broccoli slaw has been my latest addiction (<– Strange right?).  While I am never drawn to deli counter food (mainly due to caloric intake, low quality ingredients, and heat lamps) this is a welcomed acception.  It’s inspired me  to make many of my own variations at home and when i ran across this simple one on Fitnessista (Broccoli slaw, humus, balsamic and chicken) I knew it had to be thrown into the mix this weekend.

Winning Workout: Does anyone remember Natalie Portman’s body in Black Swan? Yeah… I think enough said.  Here are 5 moves her trainer {New York City Ballet dancer Mary Helen Bowers} had Natalie do daily.  I don’t think I need to do any persuading to have you give this one a try.


After a week packed with work stuff, I can’t WAIT to relax and enjoy Portland Brewfest! I may not be a beer drinker, but sober or wasted, it’s always an amazing time.

DIY-dizzle: My Brewfest outfit is the same EVERY year (see above :))- oversized tank partially tucked into cut offs, and my knee-high gladiator sandals. This year, I’m thinking about going with a crop top, which is why I got super pumped when I found a tutorial from Blogilates on how to make your own raceback tank out of an old t-shirt! I have an ungodly number of old sorority shirts, so I want to make a couple of these to rock all through the summer.

Mas Edamame: I’m still on a high from that edamame hummus I made earlier in the week…luckily I stumbled across a recipe from for Crispy Edamame. I’ve never seen it prepared this way before, but it looks amazing! I’m hoping to veganize the cheese out of it and share the updated version with you!

Daring Hair: Although I rock a short ‘do, I saw this wrapped low pony from Refined Style and I’m kind of obsessing over it. All I can say is, thank God for great extensions!

Well it’s looking like another packed weekend and considering we’ll be spending the entire time outside we hope the sun stays shining! Have a good weekend!!

❤ Jamie&Sarah

{Photo via Jamie’s brother:)}


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