Manicure Madness


I have been a huge fan of the accent nail for a while now, and it never fails to inspire my creativity.  I never thought the days would come back around where I could pick 5 colors for a manicure {like I did every time when I was 10… my mom is probably still cringing(love you!)}.  But hey, at least this time I’m a little more color coordinated! I have attempted many of these combos, although some may be a little out of the corporate world’s comfort zone.  Regardless, here are a few of my current favorites:



{Glittering Gray}

{Diagonal Duo}

{glitter // lacquer // chevron // chrome // 3D pearls}

{Glitter accent nail}

{Gradient Glitter}

The weekend is almost here, and while today feels like a Monday {considering I’ve been on vacation the past few days:)}  It is a pleasant surprise every time I’m reminded tomorrow is Friday and the weekend {and Portland Brew Fest} is here! 

❤ Jamie

Photo Credits {Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5, Image6, Image7}


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