Tin Shed and Back to Eden Bakery

POST-HORSE RACES – Dinner and Dessert in North PDX

Last week, in spirit of opening day at Del Mar, Sarah and I headed to the Portland horse tracks {with some friends} to get in on the action.  After I learned very quickly to stop betting on the underdog, we decided to ditch out on the races and head over to TIN SHED.  My love of brunch has taken me there many times over the past year but I’d never seen {nor experienced} their dinner menu.  Tin Shed is known for their unique menu {and hour-long wait for Sunday brunch} so every time I go I try to stay away from anything too mainstream. Their “Tim Curry” is my typical go-to. The roasted veggies, sweet potato, onion and mushroom soak up the coconut curry sauce perfectly and the raisins, avocado and peanuts make the perfect sprinkles, and it’s served over a bed of spinach instead of rice.  Not your typical brunch item right? Considering I’m pretty good at “sticking to what ya know”, I knew when we went for dinner I had to get the dinner version {Baby Beluga}.  It’s the same thing but with added lentils and served over jasmine rice. <– Amazing! Typically I’m not a fan of anything that includes rice, lentils and starchy vegetables all in one dish but it actually wasn’t as heavy as it sounds. 

They have healthier options {like our choices: Baby Beluga and Rice N Beans} but they also have more mainstream items {that also populated our table – boys will be boys!} like burgers, sandwiches and tacos. Be sure to try their fresh and delicious hand crafted cocktails, and if you have any questions ask your server.  I’ve never had a more honest server, he pretty much made the decision for each and every one of us, putting our indecisive tendencies to rest.

Considering I am known for being the person that has to have something sweet after everything she eats, I was easily persuaded when Sarah wanted to head to her favorite bakery down the street, Back to Eden. The bakery is entirely vegan, with a number of gluten free, soy free, and cane sugar free options for health conscious and food sensitive patrons alike. The bakery has a rustic but colorful feel and draws a diverse crowd, definitely not your stereotypical vegan place. They serve soy soft serve and Coconut Bliss ice cream, which can be made into a sundae or a shake, in addition to raw desserts and baked goods like cheesecake, cookies, muffins and fudge. Sarah and I both opted for a scoop of Coconut Bliss ice cream, which is sweetened with agave nectar as opposed to white sugar.

While I could go on for a while about these two places… I’m on VACATION and my cousins are tugging at my legs to get back to the sand castle building compitition <– Yup FAMILY REUNION time 🙂 But be sure to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think!

The Skinny:

Tin Shed

  • Location: 1438 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR
  • Phone503-288-6966
  • Hours: Open daily 7 am – 10 pm
  • Menu
  • Cost: Entrees range from $8-12
  • Must Try: Baby Beluga, Rice n Beans

Back to Eden

  • Location: 2217 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR
  • Hours: Open daily 9 am – 10 pm (hours change seasonally, check their blog for updates)
  • Menu
  • Cost: $3-7
  • Must Try: Forest Park Sundae, Vanilla Chai Shake

❤ Jamie


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