Friday’s Fab Finds

….So true – we plan on doing just that this weekend! But before we check out, here’s a look at a few fab finds from this past week!


Bake it: I’m never one to pass up any recipe with buffalo sauce so when I ran across these stuffed buffalo chicken breasts on Skinny Taste I knew they were a must.

Train for it: Since I’m getting heavily persuaded to do a full marathon I figured these 101 Greatest Running Tips might be worth browsing through. Ohhh Women’s Health what would I do without you?

Make it: DIY lace/America/studded shorts are popping up everywhere. So when I get some time this is definitely on the {To Do} List!


Work it: My goal for the summer is to get a killer 6-pack, so I’m dying to try You+Me=Fit‘s “300 Reps for Perfect Abs” workout. I love workouts I can do in my room before I hop in the shower in the morning, so this is perfect for me.

Nail it: I’m the first to admit {that unlike Jamie} I suck at keeping a consistent nail-care routine, but we’ve got some fun outings planned this weekend so I feel the need for a fabulous manicure. Tonight, I’m planning on rocking a glitter gradient manicure with this how-to from

Sip it: To drink or not to drink? For me, that’s always the question leading into the weekend. Luckily, I’m prepared for either scenario. If I decide to indulge, I’m doing it the healthy way with Tone It Up’s light variations of classic cocktails, which use stevia, my favorite sweetener, to lower the sugar content of drinks like Strawberry Margs and Mojitos. If booze ends up being a no-go, never fear, Kimberly Snyder echoes my sentiment that hydration doesn’t have to be boring with a few beautifying virgin summer drink recipes.(Cilantro Jalapeno Limeade? Where do I sign up??)

If you are anything like us, your weekend is about to be jam-packed and totally fabulous! Enjoy it {indulge a little} and come Monday we’ll all be searching for that motivation to get back on track!

So sip on a cocktail or mocktail and celebrate a little this weekend!

❤ Sarah&Jamie

{Photo’s via dawnbydawn (top) and Just Putzing (bottom)}


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