Here are a few fit tips I was feeling inspired by this FRIDAY:

F is for Fuel your body with the right foods. Carbohydrates, protein, and fat are all necessary for energy, so make sure you get a good balance and listen to what your body is asking for.

R is for RUN it off <– Everybody is different but for me this is my cardio of choice and proves to be the most beneficial for my body.

I is for Ice cream!! No I wish.. but coming from someone who has to have ice-cream/frozen yogurt every week {on more than one occasion} it is important to remember to Indulge. It is the weekend after all 🙂 I’m not saying eat the whole pint but one of my main rules is to never tell myself NO… indulge in moderation.

D is for Daily sweat sessions. I make it a point to break a sweat daily {even if you have to get up 20 mins earlier to squeeze something in}.

A is for Achieving Goals. Nothing gets people motivated like a little friendly competition… even if it is only with yourself! Give yourself something to work towards. My last goal- Half marathon under 1 hour and 45 mins {{verdict= 1:41}}

Y is for Yoga. I know Sarah would appreciate this one 🙂 Although I’m no pro, Yoga is great for flexibility, strength and posture. It is also very soothing and relaxes the mind {And for someone who’s used to sports and high impact workouts it’s a good change and beneficial for stretching out my body}.


Water benefits you in so many ways- from skin to digestion to making you feel fuller longer. The list could go on but overall it’s HEALTHY so drink up!

Enjoy {and indulge} this weekend and if you’re experiencing beautiful weather like we FINALLY are, take your workout outside!

❤ Jamie

{Photo credit: Laura’s Tumblr}


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