The Skinny

Welcome to Skinny Bliss!

We are two fun-loving twenty-somethings with a desire to share the things that inspire us as we navigate through life after college. This blog’s purpose is to serve as a creative outlet for sharing our passion for fitness, fashion, health and all things domestic, while starting off our corporate lives.

Who are we? From daisy girl scouts at age 5 all the way to current roommates, we’ve been friends forever and share similar passions though we live somewhat different lifestyles. We are both extroverts who deeply value our family and friends and work hard to balance healthy living with a social life.

Jamie is a bubbly and energetic fitness junkie with a passion for fashion and a serious sweet tooth.  This happy hour loving day dreamer is always on the go and can be found indulging in her guilty pleasures of reality television, morning mimosas and salted caramel ice cream.

Sarah is a spontaneous, vivacious free bird with a sunny disposition, who eats a vegetarian diet, loves wearing jerseys and never turns down a crazy adventure or a chance to meet new people. She is passionate about nutrition but loves a good skinny cocktail, is happiest when she’s traveling and prefers the open water to her office cubicle. 

Our intent is to help our audience find health and happiness by sharing the things we adore most. We love life and are determined to live every day to the fullest, and can’t wait to share our world with you!

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Stay healthy, happy and hot!


Sarah & Jamie


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